Sunday, November 21, 2004


I'm starting to wonder about lots of thing, mostly concerning myself. I haven't the slightest idea whether it's because I think too much or I'm too free or whatever reason it could be, but come to think of it, when someone wonders about something, why do we always try to find a reason or an excuse for it.? This is what we called human sanity. When something went wrong, instead of settling it, we look for someone to be blame or search for an excuse. So that we will feel better? So that we won't feel so bad or so guilty or that we won't be the "BAD GUY"? By denying and blaming on someone else, you're already the bad guy for goodness sake. Its like its in the genetic codes of human which is very normal and way too sane and it comes naturally from our own instincts. The instinct to protect or defend ourselves, whether we're the BAD GUY or GOOD GUY, we still do defend ourselves. And to do so, the easiest and fastest way is well, get a so called "acceptable" excuse or blame someone else to get rid of problems. I'm not saying that every single human on earth is like this, but most of us are. And for those really good guys, it takes a lot of integrity to be one. Ya, and also very forgiving and generous. Because when your the GOOD GUY. You're always the scape goat. Because well, obviously your the most handy one isn't it.?And honestly, in this hyper materialistic world, its very difficult to find these GOOD GUYS. Even if you are, you tend to be kinda defensive. Or else you're always the little scape goat.

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