Sunday, January 16, 2005

Beyond Expectations

The world is always full of wonders, disbelief, miracles, surprises and unexpected happenings. These are so common that we're so used to it. Not forgetting, the usual human self defense in believing things that we didn't expect. For all these things always has a hard way to get acknowledged, believed or simply being accepted as a fact.

When things go way out of control or when unexpected things happen, the invisible wall of human defense starts to create reasons. Or find someone to blame in order to convince ourselves that everything is alright. In other words, to cover it. After a series of all these "self convince", no matter what, we still have to accept everything. Those unexpected occurrence that happens in our everyday life. So often that you wouldn't even realize that it actually happened.

The most popular reason is, NOTHING IS PERFECT, NO ONE IS PERFECT, which comes along with TIME WILL HEAL or SOONER OR LATER EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT. And how are we humans dealing with it.? Still the same old series of self-convincing, self reassuring and finally self evaluation.

What we always expect, never seems to happens isn't it.? While what we didn't expect, always managed to create a little surprise. What it seems to be, isn't always what it is. What it doesn't seems to be isn't always right too. Everything are always either underestimated or simply above the line. Whether its invisible to the naked eye or simply the naked eye sees to much.

Well ,its still the same today even with changes filling here and there. The difference is only the ways of people accepting the fact. After all, nothing is perfect.


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