Sunday, February 27, 2005

Fairy tale

I wonder how long,
Since I've heard,
Your favourite story.

I've been thinking,
I started to panic,
Have I done something wrong again.?

Tears falling down,
You said to me,
"Fairy tales are all lies",
"It's impossible you're my prince."

You would never understand,
From the very moment,
You told me you love me,
My whole wide world,
Are brightened with sparkling stars.

I'll be your beloved angel,
From the fairy tale,
I'll spread my arms,
And protect you,
With my new born wings.

You shall believe,
Just like the fairy tale,
Together we'll create,
A happy and wonderful ending.

Adapted from Michael Wong's "Fairy Tale"

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Happy Valentine's Day

I honestly thinks that Valentine's Day is way too commercialize to be true and it's no longer a two person issue but almost the whole world. But oddly, most people knew about it and all they did is complained about it or at the most, pretend this so called "DAY" is rubbish. But never actually resist to not celebrate it. Talking about the odds.

Plus, valentine's doesn't have to only be highlighted to lovers only. After all love is very very wide. Since there's so many kinds of love, families, relatives, friends or even pets.

And if one really has the heart to expressed to their loved ones, be it boyfriend, girlfriend, or parents, why does it need a specific day.? Is it simply because it's acknowledged and celebrated by the whole world.? If you really have the heart, everyday, every second, every moment can be special or your valentine's day and why would you want everyone to share the same "special day".? Wouldn't it be even better if you have your own "Valentine's Day".? Rather than one that is so common. Put it the other way, if you have the right person, like the famous saying, "Everyday is a valentine" The same goes for father's day, mother's day and friendship day.

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone.....