Thursday, May 12, 2005

Lousy but heart warming?

You know, most blockbuster movies has the worse critics judgments of all. It makes me wonder a lot on what accounts does critics judge these movies. What are their judgments based on. But then, there is no such thing like a written criteria on what's the virtues or characteristics or certain requirements needed to be graded as excellent, good or lousy movies. But then, we always complain lousy endings or lousy story line of movies, like its the same old thing running again. Just re-packaged differently added with some extra new things. But it still got our attention didn't it.? Apparently we just fall for it over and over again. And most of these movies is about love, whether between your life partners or families or friends and even pets. And sometime the message was emphasized so strong that we're always touched by it. Most heart warming movies, with the world most simple story line can be a major blockbuster. Because, what gets into your heart matters most.

But then, I'm not saying that adrenaline pumping movies is not heart warming or what. They're still nice, exciting and nteresting plot that made you drooled over them. And perhaps you never realized or did realize but never thought about it, every single movie whether horror, adventure, comedy or action has bits of romance in it.? In other words, it conveys the message of love. And that's where humans fall for it. Feel so happy or touched because it caught us. And with that, every other elements in that movies seems much more pleasant or nicer.

I personally prefer English movies to eastern one. Be it drama series or movies, I still prefer the English one. Why.? Because well, for the eastern thingy especially Chinese, not only that it's always the same message, even most of the plot is the same. Practically, It's so similar that you actually know what's gonna happen next or how it's gonna be or why did that happen. It's so predictable that eventually you lost the interest to go on watching it. So familiar that you can actually plot them yourself. So, why bother watching it.? Another thing is, it's so sickening that eastern movies copied western movies ideas. Maybe it's not copying, REFERRING only, but then, its still basically not original. And English or western idea's are well, not so dead. It seems that they got more to act or I don't know, fresher ideas perhaps.? Though not brilliant ones.?

I've been neglecting to watch a movie for a long time. It's like, I was so anxious to watch that movie at first, to download it, to get it. But once I got hold of it, I just laid back. Like,"Why bother.? It's not going anywhere. You can watch it anytime as you pleased. What's the rush.?" And two days ago, I watched it. It was magnificent. So heart warming that I shed tears for it. So touching. It could be simple, but it's just so nice. And it totally contains something that got the heart of Oscar for it has lots of Oscar nominations. But most of all, I was attracted to the movie at first because of the actor, Johnny Depp. Heheheh. Anyway, what I'm talking about is Finding Neverland. It's just amazing why certain simple story line's always manage to get into our hearts. Just like what critics labeled as rubbish or unbearable.

A walk to remember, do I like it.? I love it.
Is it simple.? Way too simple.
Is it heart warming.? Definitely.


|^2Sane| said...

I think the best warm hearting story is those which you can relate to. In which those message is speaking those you yearn to say all this time but have no idea how to say it? ;)

Hans' said...

A walk to remember?
Its the only movie that touched me deeply and my tears just dropped.
I love it.