Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Cruelty of science..??

I got into class today with everyone playing around with 7 hamsters and 2 guinea pigs. It was entertaining, they were adorable. Hamsters were running around in their desks. Classmates taking turns to hold the guinea pigs, feeding them constantly. For they're left with less than 2 hours of life to be spared.!!

Cruelty.? Think so.? Apparently we had to dissect hamsters today. With each group dissecting one, whether a white mice or hamster. It was suppose to be white mice, but then our biology teacher reckons that we're not profession enough. So we settle for hamsters instead. Cruel isn't it.? Since they're pets, mind you, very cute ones. Some of our classmates even got scolded by those pet shop owners or those hawkers in gaya street. We were requesting for hamsters, not so cute ones so that it will be easier to terminate. (the word kill seems too harsh isn't it?) And well, that person sell hamsters for pets, not terminating an innocent life for biology class.

So, we dissected these hamsters nicely and correctly. We can't waste a rather cute life can't we.?

I'm gonna skipped the dissection progress because well, it's not disgusting. But preferably not discuss about it. Though, the termination of the poor little creature is harder to bear than dissecting it. And after separating all the organs at the end of the dissection, the heart of the hamster is still pumping. Nope, I'm not kidding. And it's dead.

I'm dissecting hamsters again next week. This time, one on one. No group dissection. Ouch!

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