Thursday, June 30, 2005

I started schooling at the age of 4, unlike some smart kids, they were 'sent' to nursery or whatever is it at the age of 2 and half.? Or some 3.? Anyway, for almost 16 years I've studied, I was never late to school. Not even once. Punctual huh.? I broke my record today. What a day for a record breaking for I was informed last night there would be a checking today. Lead by a new Pk HEM teacher. Ok, Pk Hem stands for "penolong kanan hal ehwal murid". The principal's assistant who is incharge of student's affair. When I arrived, all the prefects were gathered in the field between the two blocks of classrooms. Mind you, its 7.00++ I think. Not hot, but well, rather distracting or gathering lots of attention from all the classes. Though, they were forbidden to do so, having lessons what. Anyway, I was late but luckily managed to sneak in unnoticed by the ahemmmmmm. After all the prefects got lectured for like 20 to 30 minutes, we marched off the 'check' the students. Concerning their appearances only. After gathering all the students with 'appearance problem', this time, the field behind the hall. Guess it was too distracting after all. And well, here comes the second lecture. This is a very very very new thing to La Salle, considering the poor administration and old system. And the down side of the discipline, Weeeeeeeeeee..What kind of la sallian is this.? Ouch.

Anyway, my back hurts so much today. Results of being stabbed repeatedly. I could be bitchy or perhaps I'm much of a bitch, but then, I don't stabbed people's back. The most I do is well, scratch them a little bit. (being nosy, gossiping, girl's nature) But I don't go around and accuse people. Telling tales just to cover up themselves. Worst, trying to buy sympathy or trying to make other look worst by using the most ridiculous weapon of all, TEARS. And that's because they're too chicken shit to own up for themselves. Hadn't the courage to face someone but armed with the courage to stab someone from behind. Attempting to bring the opponent down in such a losers way. And clearly, the attempt failed when everyone is used to this peculiar type of action. Too bad, guess I wasn't the only opponent.

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