Sunday, June 12, 2005


I guess everyone has at least once wished that time is reversible. Wishing for something that's not gonna happen no matter what. Though, we still do. Why.? To assure yourself.? To comfort yourself.? To make yourself feel better.?

If time could freeze, what will you do.? Erase the history.? Change the current happenings.?

If time could just freeze for a minute, and you start to look around you. What you have and most importantly, appreciate what you've got. To live in a harmonious family with family and friends to love you and to love back. To have a house you can call home. To have clothes to wear. To have food to feed yourself. To have a place to study. To have a job to earn money. To have your own money you can spend. To be alive and have a life.

But how often will everyone actually come across this.? Usually, once in a life time. That's when your lying in your very own death bed.

(You might think if that's life, it's too simple. How can someone be so easily satisfied.? Well, the truth is, the more simple it is, the more easily you're satisfied. And the easier you are to be happy. Perhaps, you're just asking for too much.? Too much that it overflowed or you couldn't digest it and you puke in return.? )

Life would be much better if you just know what you've got. Accept it, appreciate it (you don't have to complain that much) And not what you don't have that others have. You have to appreciate what you have. What's the use of appreciating something not yours when you're not even appreciating your very owns.? Appreciate yourself before looking for someone. For how are you gonna appreciate them when you don't even appreciate who you are. WHAT you are.

Have faith in yourself before having faith at people. Trust yourself before trying to gain someone else's trust. You might be surprised with what's installed in you. And for you.


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