Thursday, July 28, 2005

Out of no where....

Issues floating on the surface of this lively giant sphere bear dark consequences that hardly venture into the heart of it's billions inhabitants. Incurable diseases, poverty, starvation, tremendous number of children dying every second, minute, hour, day. All these somehow seems too common to be seen or heard but sadly, barely triggered enough loving souls to lend their helping hands. Even good Samaritan possess a pair of mighty visible blind eye towards the needy. Millions of young innocent fragile life's are wasted, abandoned by irresponsible parents whose degree of selfishness goes beyond the limit. Why bring them here if not intend to, worse, preparing to discard the defenseless. Out of no where, tonnes of unforgivable reasons are thrown out. Armed with the courage to go against the will in creating an unwanted life, but not with one to face it. Thousands on the other side of this planet prayed day and night longing for their very own flesh and blood and yet incapable of it. Only one in a million would take the winding path, adoption. Where are the democrats.? Those who shows everyone or simply the media with beautiful promises that ends as soon as the boasty speech does. Bought the heart of sympathetic or rather shallow minded civilians, touched or fooled by these wonderful promising words and falls exactly into the widely stretched out arms that finally got hold of the extra vote.

I actually wrote this out of no where, again in the middle of a biology class after reading a rather sad but good piece from reader's digest July 2005.


Sunday, July 24, 2005

Where my fingers bring me....

I actually fall asleep half way through my latest post. Geeeeeee, guess I was totally wiped out.

The number of post in my dashboard is finally working. Its actually up to date which leaves me realize that I haven't got that much of entries in my blog. Should I be blogging more often.? There are countless of time where I just click the big X of the Mozilla Firefox after typing an entire new entry. Why.? It just doesn't seem right to post certain things, especially extra personal one. Or just a me, myself and Kelly's talk. But sometimes, you just couldn't resist to type or write it out. But when I reread it, a second voice appeared. And well, it's better not to post it.

I was shopping this noon and a Chinese sales girl spoke to me in English. Not broken but having a little problem in telling me what she tend to. And when I spoke to her in Chinese, she shows a sense of relief through her expressions. I find it amusing, yet it left me wondering why she spoke to me in English. Whether because I look Eurasian or because I look like a mix race local girl and it's impolite to speak to me in Malay because she's afraid that it would look like she's looking down on me.? Oo0opps! Race discrimination.? I'm not such a racist person. But still, I do have a some misconception or dislike towards certain race or their characters that seems to flow in certain race's blood. It's like, when some particular things happen, you'll know straight away what kind of people did it. What race did it. And some obvious character or attitude or beliefs. It simply just reflect their own race or religion. Well beliefs could be accepted in terms of their very own religion but I really don't get the superstitious thingy. I mean, stuffs like Feng Shui, traditional laws, beliefs or culture. Here, some Chinese Christians and majority of Buddhist actually applied it. I mean, no offense but I find it highly amusing and hilarious. Anyone that can think rationally or logically can interpret the degree of actualness in it. Perhaps they just like to drift a little bit from reality. With a slight breeze (certain ODD beliefs) it will make them feel much better. Though obviously torturing your mind with such temporary or non existent beautifully decorated illusion. Or what people like us called it, LIE.

I sincerely declare that I have no idea why I would brag about race. And forgive me if I offend anyone who's reading. By the way, I read Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince a few days ago. Well, it's kind of disappointing. Considering of the previous ones in the series. It has a fine beginning, but in the middle, it potrays a more narrating genre in a different way. It's like, it keeps flashes back. Keep telling story within a story. And there isn't much exciting part or twisty plots that keeps you reading until you finish which exist in some of the previous books. With interesting plots that keeps you wanting to know what happens next. It's like the aura is missing. It gets better near the ending though, the climax where there's more action. And with a dark ending. Guess it emphasize a better story and also the power of the black side more. And well, its okay but not as good as the previous ones. I still prefer the third book. Hehehe...

Well, on top of it, I still love the Da Vinci Code. Hehehe..


Monday, July 18, 2005

The Bomb

Living in these days,
Struggled through the weeks,
Flew by invisible in months,
Deteriorated in years,
Killed, in unknowing time.

Confused as he is,
Torn between the precious duo,
Withstand the bomb implanted,
Explode in time, where no one knows.

Where, shall he head then.
With the bomb in board,
Two junctions laid before him,
Greet the right, bid the left,
And the same, vice versa,
Uncertain, he remain stationary,
Then the bomb, shan't be pull.

Hush!! It's a pressured bomb,
It does not wait,
Nor does it warn.
It has no trigger,
Manual as it's born,
It burst, automatically.

He'll have to wait,
Preparing, yet, unaware
The unforeseen black day,
Today, tomorrow, when.?

17 July 2005....2350

Monday, July 11, 2005


Time flies without any warning doesn't it.? Well it actually does, but guess humans are too bold to realize it. And when they did, they're groaning that 24 hours a day is really insufficient to maintain our daily routine. But then, who are we to complain.? One thing about being on this planet earth is that no matter how certain issues is unfair or totally ridiculous in the sense of equality, there's one thing that never fail the degree of fairness. That's time. I think God made an excellent job here. No one will have less or more than the 24 hours given. Some people think it's more than enough, while most of the rest wish its more than that. But then, the issue still depends on how human utilize their every second. And if managed wisely, the 24 hours is just about the best interval. And no matter what, it still come back to how well human cope with the natural being on earth right. Since well, there's just something you can't change or being altered by any human or inhumane act. Sadly, it doesn't fall within the boundary of the number one issue, the environment.

Anyway, where am I heading. This week is the Test Week, starting tomorrow. Heck, it will be the last test before our mock exam. Geeeeee, the pressure is loading heavily and this is not good. Not good..

I wrote a poem today, during biology. Yeah, I know I should be concentrating in my lessons but I don't think there's more than 2 or 3 person who is actually listening to her. It's a disrespect and just because of this it doesn't permit me to do the same thing, but hell. Being able to stay in her class is already a miracle. Maybe I'll try to listen next time. (very unlikely) Anyway, I wanted to post the poem but I couldn't find it. I have no idea where I slipped that piece of paper. Lame eh, guess it isn't good enough to cover up the fact I'm a lousy poet.