Monday, July 11, 2005


Time flies without any warning doesn't it.? Well it actually does, but guess humans are too bold to realize it. And when they did, they're groaning that 24 hours a day is really insufficient to maintain our daily routine. But then, who are we to complain.? One thing about being on this planet earth is that no matter how certain issues is unfair or totally ridiculous in the sense of equality, there's one thing that never fail the degree of fairness. That's time. I think God made an excellent job here. No one will have less or more than the 24 hours given. Some people think it's more than enough, while most of the rest wish its more than that. But then, the issue still depends on how human utilize their every second. And if managed wisely, the 24 hours is just about the best interval. And no matter what, it still come back to how well human cope with the natural being on earth right. Since well, there's just something you can't change or being altered by any human or inhumane act. Sadly, it doesn't fall within the boundary of the number one issue, the environment.

Anyway, where am I heading. This week is the Test Week, starting tomorrow. Heck, it will be the last test before our mock exam. Geeeeee, the pressure is loading heavily and this is not good. Not good..

I wrote a poem today, during biology. Yeah, I know I should be concentrating in my lessons but I don't think there's more than 2 or 3 person who is actually listening to her. It's a disrespect and just because of this it doesn't permit me to do the same thing, but hell. Being able to stay in her class is already a miracle. Maybe I'll try to listen next time. (very unlikely) Anyway, I wanted to post the poem but I couldn't find it. I have no idea where I slipped that piece of paper. Lame eh, guess it isn't good enough to cover up the fact I'm a lousy poet.


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