Monday, July 18, 2005

The Bomb

Living in these days,
Struggled through the weeks,
Flew by invisible in months,
Deteriorated in years,
Killed, in unknowing time.

Confused as he is,
Torn between the precious duo,
Withstand the bomb implanted,
Explode in time, where no one knows.

Where, shall he head then.
With the bomb in board,
Two junctions laid before him,
Greet the right, bid the left,
And the same, vice versa,
Uncertain, he remain stationary,
Then the bomb, shan't be pull.

Hush!! It's a pressured bomb,
It does not wait,
Nor does it warn.
It has no trigger,
Manual as it's born,
It burst, automatically.

He'll have to wait,
Preparing, yet, unaware
The unforeseen black day,
Today, tomorrow, when.?

17 July 2005....2350

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