Friday, August 26, 2005


How would you define someone as a fool.? Someone who thinks like an idiot.? Or those who talk and behave like one.?

Homosapiens ranged differently. Geniuses, intelligent ones, smart ones, average ones, normal ones or simply a nincompoop.

But how do one actually differentiate them.? Categorized them.? When their young. It could be based on their academic results. What about those who failed.? School drop outs.? Even people who are on the top of the world today are school drop outs. Or, whether do they succeed in their life or not.? Then, what would you call a successful life.? When you earned a million.? When you're having your very own happy family.? When your dreams are fulfilled.? When you found your life partner.? When you've climbed to the top of the stairs.? Or simply when you've graduated.? Running your own company successfully.?

Its different for every person. In fact, its not only different. Not every person can actually define out their very own successful or meaningful life. I for one, can't.

Do smart people or geniuses make foolish mistakes.? Or simply did foolish stuffs.? Everyone make mistakes. After all, no one is perfect. Sometimes, being foolish is necessary. Would you call that a fool then.? Or a smart person for knowing when to be smart and when to be foolish.?

Would you call someone foolish when they're 100 percent clear of what they're doing is stupid and irrational but doing it on purpose because if they don't, they're still being called a fool too.? A person doing a foolish thing is called a fool, but if you don't, are you smart then.? Oh, I don't know, at least I know a fool still has a brave heart. Though, dangerous, irrational. Whatever you called it. But haven't you heard of the Chinese saying, A fool has a fool happiness. 傻人有傻福.

Of course it doesn't mean smart people doesn't have their own happiness. Just that smart people usually are too smart and would count out all the possible options and consequences. And whether their brave enough or simply could they take the chance.? Normally, they take the best option according to their calculations or what they called their analysis and that's the one that had the minimum risk or no risk at all. After all, they're the logic rational cold blooded people who unsurprisingly survive in this damn materialistic realistic world. EARTH. (we ain't living in a fairy land or fantasy world. Well physically.)

But does a fool really doesn't know the consequences.? Or they're perfectly aware of it but still go for it because they're brave.? Or simply just a fool trying out their luck.? But then, how could you called them a fool when they knew.? They're called a fool not because they don't know. Its because they DO know and still go for it.

I'm nothing but a fool....