Saturday, September 03, 2005

Beyond Expectation

Is the world full of miracles.? Have you personally encountered one.? Or something similar.? Something that happen all of a sudden that it didn't only caught you aback but its so freaking hard for you just to believe it.? And no matter how hard you try to believe it, you can't. But you just have to. So, how do you take it.? With wide open arms or a long drougy face.? Well of course, this "beyond expectation" has a gigantic range. Good or bad, and different conditions of course has different options.

Sometimes, when you've made a decision ( you thought you're superb firm and never gonna change it no matter what cause you know you're stubborn enough to stick to that ) That, is the exact thing you'll never get or the exact thing that backfired. And are you still that stubborn.?

Sometimes, you have no choice but to accept it. And if so, why not happily.? With a big heart. Then it wouldn't be so bad after all. But of course, its not as easy as it's said. Sometimes, for someone, something its just too hard to be accepted. Being able to accept is already another miracle itself. And to do it with such a willing happy heart is rather fictitious.

But then, what about for those stubborn ones, like me.? Well, are you stubborn enough to ignore what's been happening.? Or indulged it yourself rather than accepting the very fact that its not gonna change, for you.? At this peak, you're not only stubborn but stupid, foolish, idiotic, whatever you called it. Of course, ignore as you wish. But then, you're forever buried in this situation unless you wake up. Hoping for the situation to change for you. You might be lucky once in a while, but then majority of the time you don't. You can't always expect everyone or everything to change for you just because you can't. Just because you're too narrow minded to believe it or to accept it. So suit yourself in the world of your own. After all, no ones gonna care or bother that. And don't start pointing at everyone for not caring because you asked for it yourself. There's no one to be blame. And well, that time, you'll sulk. Like mad.

Sometimes, you might want to ask yourself, why that stubborn.? Are you really happy to stay the same.? To keep your so called self principle or character.? That you're so brave to be in your stand. So proud to.?

In fact, no. You're the chicken, the self acclaim that had actually sunk to the lowest level of all. The bravest person are those who are able to overcome themselves, not those that can overcome something just to show that they are brave but never to themselves. What's the use if to the whole world you're brave and good one when deep down, you're perfectly sure that you're not at all.? You'll live of course, but inside, you're about the saddest thing of all.

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