Monday, September 26, 2005

Hot tempered or Hypocrite

Have you done something when your pissed and then wished you hadn't done it.? Well, who doesn't.? No, I'm talking bout privately here. Like cursed like mad, cursed someone, do childish stuff in secret that no one knows just to let yourself off. Or perhaps wrote a 10 foot long article bitching about someone or something that happen and threw it away the next moment.

Next thing you know, you thought you're suppose to feel better after that. Guess what, you don't. In fact you feel worse. This, is quite unsurprising. If you just had a little time to think about it before you start shooting at yourself or to some unfortunate belongings of yours. But then, when you're pissed, time seems to froze and more like someone just pushed the PAUSE button of your brain cells function and at that very moment, all you can think of is how pissed you are. How the freak is why would this or that happen or how could that freak do this to you or how could I be so stupid. How could it happen. But is really letting it out the best thing ever or just be the generous you and gulped it once and for all.?

Excuse me, once in for all.? Hardly, you're just burying it deep inside your heart and memory cells. Just like lava building up inside the volcano and ready to explode as soon as its full or sudden earthquake triggers the mantel. Just like sudden exposure resulting in climax eruption. And guess what, its fatal. Almost.

But then, small eruptions or people with bad anger management that loses their temper all the time are those who we despised. Why.? Because they're being a butt head.? Or because they'll just explode all the time making your and his/her life difficult and it's just impossible to live with it.? Honestly, they might be a pain in the ass and it takes lots of "small bursts" to cause fatal accidents. But, they're more likely to show you the REAL them. (more likely, not necessarily yes)

What about those that just smiled at you or just act like nothings wrong and just let it go and say, "It doesn't matter", "Forget it, I'm fine", "Its over, nevermind" But their inside is actually boiling like mad. Not boiling, more like bubbles are about to emerged. Close to boiling, but always never managed to since the FIRE isn't strong enough. And when one day a big fire is lit, guess what, you'll get a major volcano eruption that can cause fatal results. Sounds familiar doesn't it. But so what, familiar stuffs all around us everyday are those that we missed everyday.

By the way, do you know that star fish is the only animal that can turn inside out.?