Friday, September 30, 2005

I should be studying now..??

Ok. So I should be studying now instead of blogging.? Yeah, it's killing me just to cover those syllabus. But then, you still have to do it right.? Hey, isn't that called suicide. Hahahaha, very funny.

Anyway, had dinner in the dark today. My family usually have early dinners like around 6 something and tonight was a little late due to something and guess what, the current suddenly decided to take a rest. Yeah, just about 5 or 10 minutes before dinner we had a black out. How romantic. You happen to eat in the dark with big lamp posts or huge torch light and you got extra companions to eat with you, your ever loyal shadows. But it gets a little irritating when it comes to washing the dishes. Number one, the water is not strong enough. When the electric dies, it means the water pump can't function and the water is flowing like the rate of an old man's pee.? Hahahaha. Don't get offended. Number 2, it's dark even though there is light from torches, it's still dark. Its hard to see, meaning to say you have to pay more attention or spend more time scrubbing all the dishes just to make sure there no stains or else you'll get yelled with how professional is your dish washing skill after washing them for a century. Number 3, there's lots of bugs flying around when there's no electricity. Its deliberately annoying because you're standing there with both of your foot firmly on the ground almost still for about 10 to 15 minutes with your constantly moving arms cleaning this and that and try your best to stand those little bugs flying around your stationary feet.?

Conclusion, it takes a longer time to wash the dishes when there's no electricity and its extra annoying. Hahaha, sorry for exaggerating. This I have to strongly declared is the effect of reading too much science stuffs or having too much scientific terms or words running around my brain cells and trying my best not to let them escape. Hahahaha.

Anyway, ever heard of never giving up and keep looking for something better than what you already have.? Like, if you don't go for it, how would you know whether there are "the better" or "the best" outside there waiting for you.? But then, if you keep thinking of these fantasy of better dreams or hope or "the miracle" to happen and never stop looking which actually is a wonderful perfectly respectable positive attitude, you'll never realize what you found or had is already the best of all.? Its like, you keep looking you'll never even realize that the best is already here. You THINK they are better options waiting for you. I mean, THERE IS but do you actually think you'll find it or get it.? Again.? Oh, I don't know. Should you just settle for what you already have or prepared for you or simply strive for the unforeseen best.? And please, never assumes that, "Oh it doesn't matter. I can just look for it since I've already got this 'dream' here waiting for me. There's no harm looking for a better one and if there's no, I can always go back for it." Hello.? Excuse me but there's no such thing as what that's found awaits for you. Again. And don't you think its rather selfish that you're taking them for granted since you knew perfectly well just because you found them it doesn't mean they're forever entitled to you. They're just as free as you, ready to leave anytime, anywhere. To be recognized and more appreciated by someone else. Just like you, looking for something you'll appreciate more.

Anyway, please forgive me for this weird entry or what I've typed. Just couldn't resist a little fun for my brain cells by typing silly stuffs. Hehehe.


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