Saturday, October 29, 2005


Assuming that as the day grew closer, one should be more pressured.? Scared.? Nervous.? And more motivated to do better.? That's just the opposite. Smack my head real hard. But day by day I'm getting extra lazier and extra moody. Moody, unpredictable emotion or temper.

Is this bad or good.? I didn't lose my temper. Keeping it.? Sometimes. Does really keeping your temper all the time is good.? Just swallow everything or ignore everyone and everything will be alright.? Are you really that naive to believe that it would be okay later.? And shut yourself to the other side of the moon.? Do you realize it's dark there.? And that side never faces the earth.? No matter how much great things you did, so what.? Who cares.? That's because there's no light or EARTH and MOON rotation for you to be seen there. You don't want to be on the same side of the moon.

I was playing with the astro remote control again and switching channels non stop just for something enjoyable to watch and saw this scene in Anger Management.

Shrink : There's two type of angry people. The explosive and implosive.
Patient : ?????? ( I forgot what he said)
Shrink : A women screams at the cashier for give her the wrong change. Now are you the cashier or the women.?
Patient : Neither.?
Shrink : You're the cashier...

It's not exactly the same phrase. Something like that. Couldn't remember well. In my earlier post, Hot tempered or Hypocrite, I think reign226 did mention something similar right.? Apparently the cashier is the deadly one, rather than the obnoxious snobby women.? Yea, that's why they always end up with the same side of the moon.

The battle begins officially at the 9th November 2005 starting with Biology war....

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