Monday, October 24, 2005


Two nights ago, it occurred to me that I'll be graduating in exactly one month time. (before I step into a NO UNIFORM education life, UNIVERSITY) Even though I'm hoping for Stpm to finish as soon as possible, but still you can't help it but miss high school life.

I still can recall when I just started form 6, I realize how much I missed my old school. And most of all, the upper form life back then. And now, it seems like I've just entered form 6 yesterday. Time passed, did I realize it.? How can I say no, I just didn't bother it passing.

Do you remember how it feels back then, about seven years ago when you just finished primary school and entering secondary school. Being the eldest back then, when you were the ABANG and KAKAK where every kid look up to you. And suddenly, you're the kid in the new environment.? Not only you're the kid, more like the baby. Hehehe. And when you finished form 5, you enter form 6. You're not exactly the baby or kid again but still you're still stuck in a new place. (that's if your previous school provides no form 6). And in less than half year in lower 6, again your the eldest in your school. Pretty fast concerning the primary and secondary school final year gap heh.? But then, what to do. You're already at the end of your teenage years. Sob Sob. Hehehehehe

So, graduating soon. Entering freshman year, anxious.? No. I just want my Stpm to be over soon. But I don't want to grow up. Sadly, I can't. Hahahaa. Anyway, just realize when I started to blog, I haven't even enter form 6. And now, I'm reaching the end. Will I miss form 6.? Will I miss La Salle.? I don't know. Maybe yes, a little. Maybe not much. Who knows.? I'll know in a month time. Tell you then.


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