Monday, November 28, 2005

Book Of Insults

OK. I saw this book yesterday while strolling in a book store. The title alone is pretty interesting enough. And the contents, well browsed through a little. Looks like its quotations of insults. Funny and sarcastic one I think. Well, maybe I should get it the next time I pay the book store a visit. But on a second thought, apart from a good laugh you'll get from the book, what else.? Insulting techniques with lots of sarcasm.? And well, that's not exactly the good brought up. But if used in a positive way, it could just render off some potential problems.

Anyway, the father of a friend witnessed a pretty interesting scene while searching for a parking lot in Karamunsing. As we all know, Karamunsing car park is damn hard to look for a parking space. Anyway, in front of his car was a ninja king drove by a middle age man. He finally found a parking space and started towards parking it. Must have driven near already when here comes a youngster from the opposite way and boommmmmmmmmmmmmmm. He speed into the lot and parked his car. A normal youngster kind of car, nothing new or too old. Right, anyone in the middle age man state would have been in rage for that. But that youngster, I'm not sure whether after he got off from his car or lower down his window, he gave the middle age man a sarcastic look and said, " I'm young and fast" The middle age man who I think most probably is already in rage must be boiling inside. He reversed his car and WHAMMMMMMM! He drove his ninja king towards the youngster's car and bang it! He then lower down his window and said, "I'm old, but I'm rich!!"

Pretty cool heh? Shame on you to the youngster. But according to what I've been told, the youngster was totally speechless and had a blank face. Hahaha....

Finally watched Harry potter yesterday. Not bad compared to the previous one. As the previous one was pretty disappointing considering the fact that the book was among the best from the series. Maybe because since the fourth book is pretty draggy. Cutting out details to fit in the movie isn't much effect to the movie. Unlike the third one where too much details was squeezed off resulting a pretty disappointing one.


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