Tuesday, November 15, 2005

General Paper Completed

OK. So there was quite a debate on certain questions in Paper 1 about which answers or weird questions with more than one answers. Well, I'm not gonna argue it here. Plus, no matter how much you discuss or argued about, it's still useless because you expect it to reach the ears of of MPM.? ( Malaysian Examinations Council) Even if it does, who will know? And one more thing, objective papers are marked by computers and unless those examiners do something in setting what answers for what question, its still pointless. The bottom line is, STOP ARGUING. You wouldn't find out which is the right answer and the only chance of finding out is if you know someone working in MPM and happens to be close to the Examiners of PA paper and that's only if they even bother to tell you what's the answer for question 52. Or you'll just have to settle with the fact the only answer available is PASS YEAR QUESTION EXERCISE that will be published next year in which no STPM 2005 candidates (those that are killing each other's throat about which answer for which question) will bother at all because by then, we're worrying bout our freshman year exams in UNI. Hahahaha. So, don't bother. Its done and nothing will change it.

Paper 2 today was quite a WOW. The first essays part are totally considered in the cold zone area. But I think the rest are still okay. I guess, I'm not very confident in scoring a good grade but at least its not that bad to keep me worrying or whatever. Plus, I was relieved to see a simple line graph. Hehehe. But still quite a lot chose to do the pie chart which is very time consuming. But still those essays are a bit shaky. As mentioned, too much chef spoil the cook. Listening to too much comments cause your mind to biased a little no matter how strong your confidence and principles are. Hmmmmmmm. Better concentrate on the next 3 papers. The papers I dread most, Mathematics and Chemistry. Arghhhheeee!!!

Did I mention, since SPM officially began yesterday, the school actually gathered all STPM and SPM candidates yesterday and today at about half and hour before the exam starts. Yesterday was to sing the school anthem and prayers. While today, time was shorter and there was only a short moment of silence for prayer. Hmmmm. Is it relevant ah? They're actually doing it everyday. Hmmmmm, wonder what the school has in mind.?

And in our time table, there's a small confession slip where candidates are supposed to fill it up and sign it proving that you have read the rules and regulations for the exam and understand it. And according to the RULES stated, candidates are supposed to hand it to the examiners on the first day of exam. And did I mention, during our first paper which is Biology 1, the examiner didn't even bother to check our IC and Exam Slips. ( the complete one with your name, serial number, IC number and the subjects you take, etc) Not to mention collect the confession slip. And oddly, today, after 5 papers, the examiners collected it. Just how wonderful is the government employees efficiency.


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