Friday, November 25, 2005


Compliments of TMnet Streamyx, line's been down for few days.

Holidays begun. Rotting process begun too. The countless hour spent on tv and with line down, time is passing even slower. But then, most people would said this is such a waste of time. You should do something better, learn something or earn some extra few bucks. Okay, I am looking for a part time job but not as in really. Cos well, I figure its still too early. I'm taking my time to rot first. Why? It occurs to me that if your whole life go accordingly, after you finish your education life, you start working. Then, you have no more this sort of TIME. Not unemployed, but rather spending life in a meaningless way. But still, there's no second encounter of this. Like, I'm trying to enjoy my WU LIAO time. Although honestly speaking is really deadly extremely boring. But I'm trying to or zi am enjoying it.

Been reading Digital Fortress lately. Another of Dan Brown. Not inspired to post a long entry yet. Ciao....

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