Saturday, December 24, 2005

Happy Christmas

Its Christmas eve...

Been a while since I've updated, went back to Sandakan for few days. Sometimes its amazing how little time is spend with some really close people and the laughter that fills the air suddenly just brightens your day or simply it miraculously cover up the sorrow that fills your heart. Sound silly, but you won't know unless you felt it deeply.

Instead of sleigh bells ringing in my ears, the constant laughter of my 80 year old granny vibrating my ear lobes and I could feel the warmth feeling that flows in my blood. To see the smile of my almost 80 year old grandpa, the grin on his face when taking his photo or the smirk he gave me when he's happy with us mingling around. I might sound very old but that's how it felt when I've been blinded or packed with sorrows or self destructive elements lately. Realizing such joy that's so near me really is, WONDERFUL. Just like Christmas.

That's when you spend time with older people, especially elderly people that's very close to you. Honestly, I don't mind being seen bringing my grandpa and grandma out. In fact, it's a pretty good feeling. That's if you felt the right one. Sometimes I really don't understand why people especially youngster seems to be ashamed to be seen with their parents or elderly people. Their grandparents? Shame on you then. Afraid being labeled as geek or nerd that has no friends and have to hang out with your own family.? Now, look clearly and see who's the one who really deserve a huge SHAME engraved in his/her forehead.

When you have younger cousins who are still in primary school bugging you to play with them, do you angrily push them away and say Get Lost or tell them politely that you're older and don't play such childish stuff or you join them and play along.? Well, kids nowadays no longer play toys which really reflect sweet childhood innocent memories. They play board games, computer games and PS, mind you, most of them filled with actions and violence. And playing with them means competing with them in each games. I once played monopoly with my 10, 12 and 16 year old cousin and it turns out to be that my 16 year old cousin and I tricking them. Yes, in monopoly. Though we seems like bullying them but they knew perfectly well about that but they just laughed and play along. You can't possibly forget the no worries laughter that comes from no where and ends everywhere.

Happy Christmas.....

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