Monday, January 23, 2006

Where does hygiene lies...?

There's this place in Foh Sang which is pretty well known around. Famous for their porridge and "Kon Lou Mee". Well no one dining there seems to bother the fact that their kitchen are facing the main road, more like under the main road. Anyway, the kitchen is actually facing the back alley, where I think most of the customers doesn't know that, that very alley is the garbage truck route!! That alone is pretty ahemmmmmmm. Imagine what was running in my head when I was there, aating and my table was quite far behind mean its near the alley, when the garbage truck pay a visit.? Okay, perhaps only a garbage truck doing it's job merely? Not regarding that those few hours are dinner hours where for sure its unsuitable? Okay, maybe it is just doing its work. But I've been there a couple of times and there was only once the garbage truck pay its scheduled visit. Or maybe that the garbage truck can't possibly delayed their work due to one famous eating outlet. But take note, there are several eating outlets there and all are doing business in these dinner hours and none of them had kitchens facing else where than that very alley!!! So, what is that bloody TRUCK doing there.? Beside creating a hyper unbearable odor that stays for quite a while, do they actually know what hygienic means.? So who's responsibility is it.? Just for your information, there are 3 of this eating outlet in that area and one of them was closed for 2 weeks few months ago. Not surprising huh.? Apparently someone reported to the authorities that they found a dead cockroach in the food served!!!

Hmmmm.....Not to downgrade this particular outlet or trying to poison any particular potential customer, just sharing a bit of information. Anyway, saw a type of chocolate in the market called "Visa Card Chocolate"...Hahaha, what a luxurious name. And unsurprisingly it resembles the famous Ferrero Rochhe Chocolate. What a nice coincidence. My foot....Hahahahaa

Thursday, January 19, 2006


Yesterday I stayed at the tuition centre from 9 to 4. Pretty tiring after work and what an urge to sleep. The 16 year old kid wasn't that hard to teach, but the book is pretty jumble up and it's all in a different order than the syllabus paper given. Well well, to sum it up, I'm glad that I'm having one on one with older kids. Not a 6 year old which will be more than tiring. And my O level student is extremely confused with all those Biology terms. He has a halo of question marks instead of birds. Fortunate for him he's only doing Human and Social Biology.

Well today I got an assistant. Well, she's a graduate from USM .(My goal for local University) and must be at least 4 or 5 years older than me. Apparently working there is part of a program that she enrolled in because she's still unemployed even though she graduated since 2004.

At least now its better with the kids, the babies tantrums are still there but they're more settle down. And as all kids enjoy games, I have to come up with some educational games with them. And for the mean time, they're very much enjoying HangMan. Hahahahahaa. Before they get bored of it, I need to crack my head for another game they will hang on longer.

And guess what, my Korean student got a new English name, which will be much more easier for us to call him. Its Ruby. Right its not a name guys will choose to use and the seven year old pointed it straight away. What am I to do.? We're communicating with "Ruby" in sign languages. So if he's comfortable using it, why not.? Though I should be telling him soon, to get a new one.

By the way, watch Perhaps Love last night. Beside drooling over Takeshi Kaneshiro, the Korean kid isn't bad looking either with lots of small character. The down side is Jacky Cheung wasn't speaking himself. He was dubbed by someone else speaking fluent mandarin, at least he's in his own voice in all singing part. Its more than a musical movie. Its a movie within a movie. Imagine that you're starring in a movie with a plot that's exactly happening to you in your real life. Hmmmm, well there is one very interesting part where Takeshi was in the pool, in the water with his eyes wide open and a drop of tear fell. And that drop of tear was crystal clear. Cool hoh.? Though pretty artificial. Pretty okay movie, but strongly not recommended for guys unless you want to drool over the actress. To prove it, I watched with 5 other ladies only. Ladies only, hahahha....

Another long day coming up tomorrow...

Monday, January 16, 2006

First Class...First Job

I had two interviews last week for tutors post in tuition centre. And today I was supposed to return to one of them to so called confirm my application and make arrangements for classes I would be teaching. How did it go.?

I end up teaching straight away. Yes, and mind you, I'm teaching home schooling kids from 9.00 to 12.00. Four of them actually (All Boys), two of them are seven, another is six which loves creating lots of babies tantrums and another is twelve. Yes twelve, but he's a Korean who's only there learning ENGLISH. And yes he can't really speak any language I understand and I have to guess every time what he's trying to tell me. (There was once he wanted to go to the bathroom and have problems telling me that he has to use his hands and cover his private part to show me he has a terrible urge to pee) HAHAHAHAH...!!!

As they're small kids, its hard to make them sit down or even make them work. Not to mention try to settle them down. In fact, the first thing one of the seven year old said when the principal introduce me was, "You're our new teacher.? Aren't you too young to teach.? " I can't remember what I said to him, but it really swept me off my feet as I find it pretty hilarious as its coming out from a really naughty seven year old who can't stop talking bout games and his flash back. He's the only one who can't sit down to do his work and boy not only this is my first class in my job, there's so many little things that's driving me nuts all while.

First, it was a matter of getting them do their work. As they're home schooling kids, the six year old is kindergarten level and is always asking for this and that and at the same time I have to teach this two seven year old (grade two) with their work books and not forgetting the Korean kid. I had them write lines which is such a problem for them as they never seem to write lines before!! And also the six year old who clearly announced he doesn't like coloring nor drawing but all he does is sharpening his colour pencils and even CRAYONS!!!! And manage to dirty up the entire corner where the waste basket is with all the pencils shreds.

Okay, there was also break time and I didn't know about it all.? It was when elder kids around 10 and 12 from next door class came over and said It's break time!!! Where the freak did that come from.? Apparently break time was from 10.30 to 11.00 and they just went to the store place. Where its clearly stated at the door, STAFF ONLY and where each of them take maggi (small packets of instant noodles where you just add hot water) and even hot chocolate packets. Right, recess. They ate their maggi. What a scene!!

Then, suddenly I have no idea why was the main door was unlocked and they ran all the way to the office at the end of the block (we're in first floor) which is the same company as this tuition centre and few of them went!!! And I have to chase them back!!!

Then another major tantrum. This six year old, the youngest off all was accidentally kicked by another seven year old boy and made such a huge fuss out of it and start crying and kicking on the floor!!! All those tantrums. This kid went next door crying and complaining to his 10 year old brother who didn't bother him at all. Guess this scene must be pretty usual.

Then when he finally settle down, the six year old created another scene. Apparently his brother which is the other seven year old kid was standing at the six year old kid's chair cleaning the white board when he just decided to take the chair by pulling it off straight away. And well, seven year old Harrison fell from his chair and start complaining though he didn't cry. Just great, and these two brothers as if wants to launch a fight when again Harrison came complaining at "Teacher Kelly" that his younger brother, Johnason scratched his back -.-" ( both of them are very okay by the way)

On top of that, everything look more like baby sitting them. Hahahaha. It was pretty tired and the pay is pretty erm. Dunno how to phrase it but beside daily home schooling kids, will start teaching one on one with a 16 year old O level kid in the afternoon soon. Kid, hahaha. I love that word....


Sunday, January 08, 2006

Found it..!!!

I found the missing piece!! Hahaha. Not that i found it, but it's in my sister's place so I'll be getting it around Chinese New Year and I'm bound to frame this one now. Hahaha...

Dizzy, cheers...

Friday, January 06, 2006

What The F*ck

Bloggers are more than pissed when their entries are almost done and suddenly connection went berserk and everything disappeared. But that problem now is solved for "Recover Post" is being introduced to the blogging system.

And people who spend time in completing puzzles, get their neck crammed, eyes blurred, feet numbed to complete be it 500 or 1000 or 2000 pieces of puzzles where each puzzle measuring about an inch each.? And nothing pisses me more when discovering one piece is missing for pete's sake!!!

It happens all the time. I don't know whether I'm bad luck with puzzles or I'm always clumsy ( I admit it ) that every time at least one bloody piece is missing or simply they walk away because I'm too freaking scary. As if they could walk...

This for particular, took me about two three days to finish. And imagined my rage when I complete that section and discover none of the pieces with that colour fits in. FUCK!!!! And its still missing now! I've look for it everywhere in my room and its still missing. And this puzzle is a originally Ghibli Studio product. FUCK.!!!! And who cares if the photo's colour isn't clear!!!

It's a 1000 pieces by the way. I was pretty pissed that time, but actually, I'm not now. Hahaha!

I need another puzzle!!!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

A little late??

A little too late for a Merry New Year post?

Desktop is currently in hospital, will post longer entries after it return.

Till then....