Friday, January 06, 2006

What The F*ck

Bloggers are more than pissed when their entries are almost done and suddenly connection went berserk and everything disappeared. But that problem now is solved for "Recover Post" is being introduced to the blogging system.

And people who spend time in completing puzzles, get their neck crammed, eyes blurred, feet numbed to complete be it 500 or 1000 or 2000 pieces of puzzles where each puzzle measuring about an inch each.? And nothing pisses me more when discovering one piece is missing for pete's sake!!!

It happens all the time. I don't know whether I'm bad luck with puzzles or I'm always clumsy ( I admit it ) that every time at least one bloody piece is missing or simply they walk away because I'm too freaking scary. As if they could walk...

This for particular, took me about two three days to finish. And imagined my rage when I complete that section and discover none of the pieces with that colour fits in. FUCK!!!! And its still missing now! I've look for it everywhere in my room and its still missing. And this puzzle is a originally Ghibli Studio product. FUCK.!!!! And who cares if the photo's colour isn't clear!!!

It's a 1000 pieces by the way. I was pretty pissed that time, but actually, I'm not now. Hahaha!

I need another puzzle!!!

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