Monday, January 23, 2006

Where does hygiene lies...?

There's this place in Foh Sang which is pretty well known around. Famous for their porridge and "Kon Lou Mee". Well no one dining there seems to bother the fact that their kitchen are facing the main road, more like under the main road. Anyway, the kitchen is actually facing the back alley, where I think most of the customers doesn't know that, that very alley is the garbage truck route!! That alone is pretty ahemmmmmmm. Imagine what was running in my head when I was there, aating and my table was quite far behind mean its near the alley, when the garbage truck pay a visit.? Okay, perhaps only a garbage truck doing it's job merely? Not regarding that those few hours are dinner hours where for sure its unsuitable? Okay, maybe it is just doing its work. But I've been there a couple of times and there was only once the garbage truck pay its scheduled visit. Or maybe that the garbage truck can't possibly delayed their work due to one famous eating outlet. But take note, there are several eating outlets there and all are doing business in these dinner hours and none of them had kitchens facing else where than that very alley!!! So, what is that bloody TRUCK doing there.? Beside creating a hyper unbearable odor that stays for quite a while, do they actually know what hygienic means.? So who's responsibility is it.? Just for your information, there are 3 of this eating outlet in that area and one of them was closed for 2 weeks few months ago. Not surprising huh.? Apparently someone reported to the authorities that they found a dead cockroach in the food served!!!

Hmmmm.....Not to downgrade this particular outlet or trying to poison any particular potential customer, just sharing a bit of information. Anyway, saw a type of chocolate in the market called "Visa Card Chocolate"...Hahaha, what a luxurious name. And unsurprisingly it resembles the famous Ferrero Rochhe Chocolate. What a nice coincidence. My foot....Hahahahaa

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