Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Anyway, been away for almost a week from the face of internet. I let the streamyx take the fault. Made a call last WEDNESDAY night to complain that I couldn't access to the internet the whole freaking day no matter what I tried. Okay, so they say if after 3 days it still doesn't work, I am to call back. So I did when Saturday came and guess what, it still doesn't work. And they said since it's the weekend we'll have to wait till Monday. Here comes today and they ringed me at 8 something in the morning saying they'll send someone over to fix it indicating that something could be wrong with my modem or what. Okay, sometime around noon, they called again. This time telling me that they're coming around 2pm to sort it out. So I waited for them when 2.30pm came and getting a little restless since they haven't appear in my doorstep. Out of a sudden, there was a sudden urge in me to go to my brother's room and check on the telephone. And the streamyx problem is then solved!! Turns out that the telephone was not installed with a filter!! Hahahha, silly me. For almost a week and the problem was that bloody phone. You see, my brother unplugged his room's phone when he was here during his 3 months break. And when he left on WEDNESDAY, my dearest mom plug the phone in his room back WITHOUT THE FILTER. And it took me so many days to realise the problem. Hahahaa, silly me. Brain cells must be officially hibernating after 3 months of break.

17 more days.....

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