Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day never play that much a role for me. To me its just another typical 14th February of every year. I'm not saying this because I don't celebrate it, I did celebrate it before just because that's what people do (couples). But it's kinda lame as MOST COUPLES celebrate this day together. And where does the significance of this very day dedicated to lovers lies anymore.? Just another way to empty up your wallet/purse/piggy bank whatever is it. I mean, think about it. It might be a universal acknowledged day dedicated to lovers, but do you need someone or some prefixed date to celebrate the two of you in a relationship.? I mean, you can just create your own can't you.? Save the hustle bustle of getting roses, chocolates, dinner reservations, whatever you named it, at a doubled price? (make it tripled)

Anyway, I never really talked much bout my personal life before in my blog. I figured I just type what I want but I kept my personal stuffs from here. I hardly mention about my circle of friends, be it boyfriends, girlfriends, best friends or whatever. Anyway, lets sneak in a little bit, hehehe...

I got my first valentine gift back in Form 2. I don't know its consider late or early or whatever. I found a nicely wrapped packet of chocolate with a card in my drawer after recess, (school time) I wasn't expecting anything since I was a freshie in my school. I have no idea where this guy is now and I don't actually think I can even recognize him anymore. Hahahha...But then, guess he still marks as the guy who gave me my first Valentine gift. Hahahhaha.

Anyway, my mom was teasing my brother and I earlier when I was washing the dishes,
"How nice, a 20 and a 22 year old staying at home tonight to dine with me....."

Hahahaha. Humour and sarcasm in it. Still she wouldn't be like that if we were out dating someone. Mothers.......

"Men and Women are the same....They both have their differences"

Happy Valentine's Day =)

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