Friday, February 17, 2006

Woodcraft construction kit

Wondering what the freak is "Woodcraft construction kit".? Well, its a kind of thing like a puzzle where ply wood pieces are joint together to form a model structure. It can be any sorts of structure, from animals to vehicles to buildings. Small pieces of ply woods are pre-stamped in a piece of ply wood and all you have to do is push out those pre-stamped pieces. Though I strongly recommend do not push all out in the beginning or else it will be extremely confusing to know which part goes to which with all pieces thrown out. Then assemble those parts and joint them together with help from the instructions paper where each pieces are numbered at joint ends. And just pair up those pieces with same numbers. Sounds easy doesn't it.? Wait till you get almost a hundreds of small pieces where its practically not very hard to joint but get extremely nerve-wrecking to joint those JOINTED small ones with other JOINTED ones to form the whole JOINTED damn thing. Hahahaha....

This owl, took me four hours to complete it. It wasn't that hard but once you got hold of this part, join it up, the other part falls out. Vice versa. Or after spending ages in a particular part, happily join it to its spot and then you realize (no its not wrong) by joining that you will blocked some parts that's suppose to be jointed first for those numbers are NOT arranged in an orderly sequence. Its only instruction for joining the pieces and hence you have to take it off and considering the fact that part is build up by all tiny weenie pieces that comes off as easily as that!! Hahaha...

This on the other hand, is much easier but it still took 2 hours. Anyway, hope didn't scare anyone off in trying to build one. It's pretty interesting and damn sure challenge your bloody patience.


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