Saturday, April 01, 2006


Sometimes, it really bothers you so much. But yet you couldn't phrase it out or simply explain to yourselves what the fuck is bothering you.? Or perhaps its not because you don't know how to explain, but you yourself don't even know where does the roots of this freaking bothering uneasy feelings come from.?

Perhaps, these little illusions are self manufactured within my very own mixed up brain cells that have been in and out of the hibernate state.?

Humans are always in a state where their mind are full of thoughts. Hell, the difference is how they sort their priorities in their brain. To think or not to think. To worry or to be happy. Be it they're under the short or long term contract, again the minds are the one who determines it. Bottom line, you're still the one with the full authority of the remote control of you brain. Be it EQ or IQ.

Can you choose not to worry.? Or not to think.?
"Of course you can!!" , says your brain @ mind @ rationality, etc.

But does your very heart speaks the same.? Or otherwise.?

No matter how rational a person can be, unless they're retarded or their self centered ego maniac level is as high as Mount Everest, your IQ tend to be over-ruled by your EQ once a while. Or what you called, you became emotional and act like you're out of you're mind.? (It's actually emotionally) And for that moment, you let your feelings aka emotion take control of your mind set. No matter how organized you ARE, in that instant moment, you're not. Why on earth is that.?

It's called WEAKNESS or WEAK SPOT. It exists in every bloody soul on earth. When it's discovered, all you can see is that issue that's currently blinding not only your eyes but claimed its full residence in your very own cerebrum. How long.? Only you will know. NO, is how long will your mind allows it.? How long is the contract your EQ signed on behalf of your IQ.? You, yourself determines it.

In the battle of heart and brain, is heart really the defending champion of all time.?


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