Saturday, March 04, 2006

Final Destination 3 @ Disgusting

I went out with some friends for dinner tonight to celebrate my girl friend's birthday. I left early around 8 something to catch a movie (Final Destination 3) with another friend since we made plans already. I didn't watch the first two movie but went to watch somehow since people said its nice. (Never assume what people said its nice really means nice unless you experienced it yourself) That movie was none the less barbaric and disgusting. The story line was okay. Not bad but nothing fancy or meaningful or interesting but the scenes are way too YUCK. The outcome of the movie was like, our precious cerebrum lying safely inside our extremely hard skull is like nothing but a watermelon or a tofu (beancurd) that's being squashed just like that. I'm not someone who's very into horror movies especially those with very unsuccessful horror techniques but still pass as horror movies just because they have the latest most disgusting and ugly scenes aka hottest ghost face or newest way to die barbarously so everyone will remember that scene and it means you remember that movie. How convenient, just like killing two birds with one BLOODY stone.(Puke)

Anyway, I met my friends back in Coffee Bean around 11. Got home around 12, find my mom still awake with the telly (Dearest mom are usually asleep when I got home) and found the dishes unwashed. Yes, it's my chores and my mom is the kinda of person who insist you do your chores even if I wasn't dining at home that night. Chores is chores, you don't skip just because you're too busy "going out" Anyway, so I told her I'll wash the dishes tomorrow morning since its midnight and I wouldn't want to wake my dad up. And the only response I got was Shhhhhh. So I take it as an OKAY regardless if she didn't hear me cos she's with the telly. Didn't care that much.

Then, two hours later, she's done with the telly. Come knocking in my room with a not so happy face and starts her fire why didn't I wash the dishes. So she didn't hear me after all. When I went further to explain that I said I'll wash it tomorrow morning when I wake, she said, Tomorrow morning.? You gonna leave the dishes to one in the afternoon then wash it.? Okay, I got the picture.

So there I was, washing dishes at 2 am in the morning. Silently.

12 more days.............

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