Sunday, March 05, 2006

Granmama and Granpapa

What comes into your mind when you saw a table full of granmama and granpapa all dining together happily.? What about an elderly couple walking hands in hands at the beach at a full moon night?

I was dining with my parents earlier where the next table is occupied by 13 elderly people. Assuming that adding up the age of a pair of them would be 150 years, that whole table would have meant like 975 years lived!! Now that's a huge number. But it's kinda nice. According to the person handling that eating outlet, each of them pay a sum perhaps like 20 or 30 bucks, they can have a pretty nice dinner considering the amount totaled up. Plus, I guess that the event of so many friends being together is awfully nice. Imagine, 55 years later, you dine with your then friends, (I'm not being black hearted but don't you think the chances of you dining with a bunch of old friends you knew since today at more than half a century later is like damn low?)

Anyway, I would love to capture that moment of them. They sound very happy you know, very warming. Hehehe. Sadly I wasn't equipped with a camera nor a phone with camera. Yeah, poor me. Hahaha...

What about granny and grandpa holding hands having a beach night stroll with a full moon.? Haha, not exaggerating, but I've seen it before right in our very own city Kota Kinabalu. It's definitely a sweet scene, but of course, different people will have different views. I've also seen elderly couples holding hands sitting by the sea side with granmama's head lying on granpapa's shoulder. I'm not being mushy and micky but I can't help it but it compared it silently in my brain cells with other granny that's freaking busy staying at home babysitting their grandchildren or great grandchildren. But no matter what, they're all in a same position. At this kinda of age, its best to do what they like most, what they want to do. The old saying, as long as I'm happy, why not.? There's hardly anything to lose right.? Because I'm like 75 years old.? Hahahaha...

This remind me of my maternal (my paternal grandparents has left us) grandparents in Sandakan. Granny is 80 this year, grandpa is 79. About one or two weeks ago, grandpa pays us a surprise visit. Apparently he went to Kuching with his friend. (yes grandpa travels a lot but less now) And his friend en route to KL from Kuching and grandpa decided to pay us visit. As grandpa never arrive alone in KK before from international gate, he was assisted by a nice lady of MAS when he arrived. I've actually waited quite long outside the gate. Hehehe. The next day when he left for Sandakan, the same nice lady assisted grandpa for departure. Since I was holding grandpa's hand like he's my boyfriend, the lady did the same thing. Grandpa smiled, hehehe..


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