Saturday, April 15, 2006

I don't know

Does tears makes a person stronger.?

Does those tiny little drops that dripped slowly everytime shaped out the inner strength within you.?

Did you notice the resilient armor that's supposedly invisible is getting more visible everyday to the naked eye.?

Does holding back your tears makes you a pretender.?

Or perhaps, a coward.?

Or someone who's trying so hard to be strong and hold it RIGHT there.?

Not realising that the heart is already shattered to bits and pieces. And there's no cure for it to regain the perfect heart anymore no matter what. It could never return to its original state. Without a wound or two.

Or perhaps, because there were already deep cuts there and you just could no longer bear to scatter anymore salts and peppers to it.?

But you yourself underneath is suffering terribly by protecting it. Are you willingly doing so.?

You do not know.

Because you don't even know you're actually doing it.

What if you wanted so badly just to cry everything out just like a baby crying for dear mother but the tears just wouldn't fall.?

It just won't. And dear mother hadn't the slightest idea what dear baby wants.?

Your heart is raining like mad it's flooding already but you didn't drown.?

But you're gasping terribly for air to thrust down your lungs for your every next breath.?

Will you survive then.?

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Anonymous said...

Inside people soul, people have the precious bank...Inside the bank, people keep the best thing inside. The hope, memory, understanding, trust, faith, believe, fate devotion, love. This is the thing ppl will account to good. They seldom put those bad thing inside this bank. When the bank inside it, was begin to constraint, people put even higher expectation. Then, when the expectation come out in the other way round, the bank cannot support the emotional need. Emotion become empty...tears and cry. When this thing happen, the precious bank is left empty, people will hardly rebuilt it, slowly rebuilt it, with different of way, and this is why, people become enrage, become sellfish, becoming tough. The one is no longer the previous one...The precious thing inside bank also so few till you can see the heart is actually so empty...coz is locked!!! This is what happen, all the armor is there. Actually, this is lonesome people.....To those feel like crying, but without tears, is actually giving himself a chance, to say that, i am gonna be fine, i am gonna do it good, i am gonna be fine...Coz the precious thing in his soul still holding him, let him be the last man standing...So, let this precious thing hold you, your life so that you will feel the world is big, it big cause it make you not alone....