Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Right or Wrong

What if you have to do something wrong, in order to do the right thing.? What that's actually considered wrong by others, but you knew was right.? Perhaps you were just fantasizing or being an ego-centric selfish dork.? But what if you weren't.? What if YOU were the only one who KNEW something that the world doesn't, and you have to do what was considered wrong in order to save the world.? (Exaggerated a little, Haha)

Is it the same as having a healthy motive, but wrong action.? The incorrect application of correct intention.? Does something like that actually exists.? Of course it does!! But seriously, does it matter.? You've already done the damn thing. What difference does it makes.? What makes you think the judge will forgive you and say "Yes you may leave now and here's a check to support you and your daughter" right after you killed a criminal after robbing him/her in order to feed your own daughter.? Who gives you the right to think or judge who's life is worth more than the other.? Even though your offspring's life is like the sweetheart of your heart it doesn't mean you can judge on behalf of others.? Even if its a criminal, on no accounts you can't just killed him just because he's a loser and you think you're just serving the society by ending his life, by getting rid of a no good criminal.? How pathetic is that.? You're no better than him. No, you're just like him. And please do not forget, even though he did something wrong, he will serve for his own faults and you are no one to PUNISH him. And he's also whether you like it or not someone else's son that's dear to the heart too. You're not the only one here who has a daughter you loved.

The damage is done, what's left to do.? Recover from it.? If you've think better and not act like an idiot, then there wouldn't been any wrong or misunderstood application and act upon such genuine intention but rather brainless and thoughtless acts.? What you caused not only effected you but to the rest that follows.? Perhaps this never crossed your young mind then.? You're not alone living in this sphere that needs attention and your little act that cross the line might not only killed one tiny ant. You never know how deep you've stepped. And the effect of it, regardless its still the results of your selfish act. Take a look at the bigger picture next time. The world ain't just the one which is right outside your door step. Whether you like it or not, the effects weighed much more heavier than the cause itself. Much heavier than what you've had or had not expected. Even though you acted upon healthy cause, you can't help the fact that if you did act wisely, such ugly scene wouldn't have happen then.

What if you had a wrong intention then.? But a right application of it still ends up with a rather unacceptable effect doesn't it.? Because of the unhealthy intention that's behind the uneventful thing? Again, regardless of what you did was right, it happens because of an unhealthy or rather unpleasant motive behind it!! You did the damn thing already!!! You're as guilty as hell since you intended it!!

Or perhaps you had a rather incorrect intention but what you intended earlier didn't happen.? You screwed your little plan or perhaps it was screwed by unforeseen circumstances.? Are you still guilty then.? After all, nothing happen.? Are you kidding.? The judge will still prosecute a criminal for first degree murder in intentionally killing someone even though the victim did not died!! You think you can just say sorry and lets make up and forget everything right after you intend to do something bad but it just didn't happen.?

As ironic it may seems, with a healthy intention or an unhealthy one, it still weight rather heavy. You're still the one who decides how to apply your intention. If you had a bad one and plans to do bad, then clean your ass and prepare for the consequences. But you're a good one but acts like a bad kid for the fun of it, it's time to learn. Do think wisely and carefully, you wouldn't want to regret or waste it away.? Perhaps you wouldn't mind purchasing a rather expensive lesson then.? Then I wish you luck and hopefully at such cost you paid, it would sink in your stubborn brain cells then. If it doesn't, give it a couple of tries. Providing you can still afford and consume it.

Your enemy is your conscience...Cheers


Ianfluenza said...

does that mean that we're screwed either way?

Plunny said... depends on how you think and act...=) Life is ironic ain't it..??