Sunday, April 16, 2006


This picture was taken when I was six. It was after a dancing performance. Steph was smiling happily posing for the photo shooting, along with Mrs Tai, our dear kindergarten teacher. I was the only one not smiling nor posing for the photo session. Steph gave me this photo when I left Tawau. I was 13 and since I have no scanner, I use my camera to recapture it. So spare me with the not so clear or blurry thingy. Thank you, hehe...

I can still recall a little of that memorable day. I remember we've been practicing this pom pom dance in class. A performance for what event I do not know. All I know is that I embarrass the hell out of the 6 year old me by forgetting the dance not long after it began and I freaked and just stood there in the centre of stage, CRYING. Hahaha! Thinking back, felt rather silly and extremely funny.

I was nearly 6 when I move to Tawau from Labuan. Imagine going to a class full of 6 year old strangers all staring at you wondering who is this weird girl(me) suddenly same class with us. Clearly the rest know each other after a year spent studying in the same class. And here I was a newbie adding to the second year of it. Remember.? Two years in kindergarten. I still wonder how did I mingle around everyone. Guess kids does gets into the situation fast hoh.? And I honestly couldn't remember a single person back in my early kindergarten days in Labuan. Only my parent's friend's son which we grew up together and the twins who banged into me and had my nose bleeding terribly. So much for a first fighting scene. Hahahaha! I'm not kidding and in case you're wondering, I was 5 =P

I attended Sunday school regularly back in Labuan. And there was once, guess must be some sort of special function day in church, but all I could remember was being ushered that day and an enormous red colour robe being wrapped around me in a terrible rush. Tying here and there and I just stood there like a dummy. I was around 4 or 5 according to dear mom. I think it must be some sort of foreign countries traditional costume fashion show or whatever it could be. I was dressed in an oversize traditional Korean costume. I was then hushed to the stage with another girl with a same costume but blue one. She's obviously much elder and much much bigger than me and damn well aware of what's going on instead of a blurry me being pushed around. Dear mom said I was really like a dummy with my usual black sulky face not knowing what to do and just stood there. But I do remember looking at the elder girl next to me and imitating her "cat walk" HAHAHA!!

Anyway, was gonna introduce Steph's blog. A friend reminded me how nice it is to still keep contact with someone you knew since you were 6, that's like 14 damn years. Hahaha! Neat, and I haven't seen her since I was 13. And that would be 7 long years. Hope to see you soon. Not webcaming okay, really see you until can touch you. No I'm no lesbian and is truely straight. Don't worry. Haha!

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