Sunday, April 23, 2006

Your little world

The place that resembles the secret hiding place when you were little.?

The wall that hangs the mirror that shows the child inside you.?

The world that no else can gain access unless the owner allows it.?

The room with no door nor a lock that can be unlocked even by a magic key.?

The planet that has no other inhabitants but you yourself.?

The artist land that's so colourful where each colour are specially chosen and painted by you.?

The fantasy land that's so beautiful you wish you could live there forever.?

The sanctuary where you're so safe and secure inside.?

The personal space where its so private that even your closest one doesn't know.?

The mamma's lap you run into when big brother Billy comes screaming at you.?

The dark world you sink into when everyone is pointing at you.?

The Disneyland you craved for since you're introduced to Mickey Mouse.?

The home sweet home you can always rely on.?

The familiar old bed back in your hometown where you grew up.?

The big old soft pillow that reminds how you cried yourself to sleep.?

The sweet old voice that keeps encourage you all the time like there's no tomorrow.?

The jukebox that never stop playing your all time favourites collection.?

The photo album that proves how time had flown so fast that it hardly waits.?

The heart that's only dear to your soul.?

The soul that sometimes went wandering around finding for a shade.?

The memories that's like bitter sweet chocolate.?

The old pains that evolved into burden that you could never let go off.?

The happy smiley face that melts your cold-stone-hard heart.?

The book that's written and composed by you yourself only, entitled Your Little World.


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