Tuesday, May 16, 2006

14 May 2005

I was sound asleep in my beloved bed. Far away in my dreamland when I heard some alarm ringing followed by some extremely loud BANGs. I was annoyed. It was 2 something in the morning. What sort of idiot display fireworks at this hour.? I did not bother to wake up. Then, someone was knocking at my door frantically. I answered the door, extremely paranoid. I have a Saturday class and was to wake at 5.40 am. It was mum. She said in a hurried but small voice that there was gun shots and sounds of a car driving away in a hurried pact. I was shocked. Freaked. My naive mind never once did registered that those impossibly loud impact was gun shots.

This happened exactly a year ago, right after the black unlucky Thirteenth the Friday, a double murder occurred right outside my house. No, I'm not kidding. It happen on the early morning of an unfaithful Saturday of 14 May 2005. Two person were murdered inside their cars separately right at the road facing and beside my front gate. My house happens to be a corner house where the side is a road and right at the turning corner, there's where the Mercedes-Benz was. With the driver's seat window shattered into pieces and a dead middle age woman inside with her brains blew off. Another local Perodua car was outside my gate, few steps away from the dumpster, where the front window has a huge hole which was the bullet entry hole to the car and a dead young man.

I remember earlier i was peeping in my bathroom and saw the Mercs with the lights on. And also a ZOOMING sound of a car. From the sound of it, assumptions were made that this car that was speeding away WAS the murderer. The odd thing was, the car did return and left again. The speeding sound was heard more than once. I couldn't remember much. I only found out about the other car when i was in my parent's room.

Pretty soon, another car came. The woman's daughter and son in law. The lady was crying and screaming. I was still upstairs. We only went outside after the police came. There were there for a few hours. The ambulance came, but did nothing since both were clearly dead. The authorities were just waiting for the Forensics to get here and start their work. The black car was here too. The undertaker.

Both victim's family was all over the place. The scene was horrible. I can actually see both of the victims. Corpses. Only their side which the door is open and can be seen. The police talk to the neighbours, including dad. Oddly, neighbours which could probably see the whole thing happened, at the side of the road, none of them came out. My car porch blocked our view, and I have to say we're very fortunate that we couldn't see much because of that.

I only return to bed around 5. After the bodies were carried away into the black car. Somehow after such traumatic shock, I was still interested in the way the forensics carried out their investigations. Taking pictures, asking people, etc. YES, I saw the entire process of it and NO carrying dead bodies doesn't disgust me that much and that explains my love for CSI.

The police's car was parked right outside my gate. Right underneath the dumpster was also the location of the religious ritual performed the day after. Both victims family actually brought someone to performed it. I'm a Christian and haven't the slightest idea what was those chantings and joss sticks or this and that for. A classmate said it was for to "guide" the victim's soul away and stuff and stuff.

The funny thing was when this was all over the paper including the TV news, I have people calling and texting me from no where. People I haven't heard from for a very long time. All hungry for details of what exactly happen. Actually, they're more interested if I've seen what actually happened. More like, did I saw who did it.?

I'm more than thankful that I don't. I didn't even saw the car which speed away. Rumors and news were spreading like fire in this area. At those periods, shops in this area are all talking about the same bloody thing. A trip to the coffee shop and you could be provided with more than you can imagine.

And the police did came to question us after all. A couple of days after the incident. I was like, what the heck.? It happened on the wee hours of a Saturday morning and they only go fishing for information on Thursday.? Any one smart and daring enough to commit a double murder in a Chinese living area with regular patrol cars clearly has the brain to get away as soon as possible and who knows is already in LALA land by that time.

It's been a year now. No one is arrested yet. Case is obviously in hibernating mode. I'm not enclosing much here about what I've heard or knew about the case or the victims. I just don't think its that appropriate to talk about it here and I just wanted to post about the murder since it just marks the one year anniversary. If you really want to know, I can fill in the blanks for you.

I wonder did the victim's families did anything on the anniversary of it.? I wasn't here and I'm pretty glad of it.

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