Thursday, June 01, 2006


Okay, so I was swearing more than usual at my previous post that explains my rage that wasn't suppose to be there but was there. Which reminds me, is swearing really that influential to younger people, e.g. kids.? When I was a kid, I don't remember me swearing or whatever. I was banned to even utter a slightly impolite word and hence swearing isn't something we practice or commonly do even though I was raised with a mum who swears in Cantonese like nothing when she yells at her kids. Was I influenced.? You be the judge. Haha. But, as much as I swear in my blog, SMS and online chatting, I hardly swear when I speak in real life. I don't know why but I just don't. I guess I prefer sharp excruciating words than foul words in real life conversations when you come face to face with bastards and bitches, swearing just makes you sink to their pathetic level. Though, I do remember once almost saying fuck out loud in front of my dad and I held my breath right away. I have no idea what picture will follow if I really did swear it out but I guess it's better to leave it untouched. Plus, I can't recall hearing my dad swears in English, not even when he lectured me for he lectures us in full queen's English. The most I hear him say is SHYT and DAMN. Well, once in a blue moon, he does swear in his Hakka dialect, yes, but I guess its common for people to swear once a while when their in deep rage.? As for me, do you think I should swear less.? After all, I'm still a lady.? Hahaha. Yeah right, and I rather swear and be Kelly than don't swear and act like miss imsoperfectandfake.

端午节快乐!! Don't forget to eat dumpling and I forgot what festival it's called in English. Cheers.

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Pyin said...

Report specially for this entry...

the word SWEAR : 11

the word SWEARING : 7

end of report....

u jus ran out of words huh? haha >_<