Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Blogging spree

When I started this blog, it was just because I was too bored staying at home most of the time while waiting for Form 6 classes to start. Looking back at my old entries, especially the really early ones, I can't help but feel that my entries were rather lame, childish and totally not what I've been writing for quite a while. In the span of this 2 years in keeping my blog, its sort of something for me to trace back what I've gone through or even what I've actually wrote. There was once the thought of deleting the old entries, since it portrays a different me, a rather thoughtless person in her late teens who just love to talk about her lame days just because she's too bored with her own life that time. (Talk about self attacking, HAHAHA.) But then, if those silly parts are gone, my blog wouldn't be original then. Something will be missing. So does the meaning. Those hilarious entries are what that reminds me how much I've grown. The contrast of before and after.

Could it be its only the forces of nature working, growing as time past.? Part of life's journey that each and everyone will go through.? Or perhaps the 18 months spent in Form 6 does alter your brain effectively.? A stage where your mind accelerate so fast that you yourself wouldn't realize until you took some time off and went wandering around the old times. I seriously did not realize that until I actually went through my old entries. And find myself laughing at my own funny entries. I didn't even notice that my way of writing actually did changed or was indeed changing. Seems like I've gone a long way.

I hate it when one minute I'm typing non stop and all of a sudden I'm just stuck. FARK.

Sometimes its annoying when your brain just wouldn't stop talking to you. Silent monologue beneath you that are either frustrating or just keep your mind working when you're hands are occupied with something else...For an instance, my mind just can't stop self blogging when I do my chores. Most of the time, when I finish my house work, I would forgot what I've "blogged" earlier in my brain. Seems like some sort of precaution steps to avoid my brain from getting rusty due to this seven month break I'm having. But then, when I really try to write it down or blog about it, I just couldn't recall.


Ianfluenza said...

I can strongly relate to your last paragraph. That is why I always bring a notebook with me even when I go to work. Not that it's working much though. It actually depends on when the inspiration strikes. If you find yourself getting critically occupied when the idea floats weakly around your mind, the best you can do is finding appropriate keywords and memorise them. Alas, this method is still not good enough. I wonder if a mini portable sound recorder is just the solution for this problem.

Plunny said...

The best I can do is keep reciting it over and over in my brain if its really something I wanted to write and perfectly sure will forgot about it soon. Or make notes in my cell phone but everytime when I look back at those short notes, even though the main idea is still there, the inspired feeling or words that come flowing is gone. And you just seem to lost the will or and less motivated to write it. =). As for the sound recorder, it could work, if you don't mind chanting to it everywhere. =)

Ianfluenza said...

Exactly! Reciting and keywords are nonetheless STILL ineffective.

Yeah, sound recorder's the way!