Monday, May 22, 2006

I'm not running out of titles. =P

The fucking thing about living in our pathetic Boleh land is that we have to live up with extremely idiotic civil servants that works with the speed of snails at those counters that are lined up with tones of people working their asses off all the time every bloody day waiting impatiently at these unbearable ridiculous working etiquette that unquestionably monopolized the government working counters...

They're the self acclaimed royalty of the local working world since they're always guaranteed with a pay check with extra benefits with hardly a fat chance of getting their asses fired. Unless of course lightning strikes and you're freaking unlucky being caught for digging too much under the desk's cabinet until you could no longer cover the damn hole where all the extra allowance are obviously but blindly leaking from.

Common citizens like me unfortunately require their pathetic counter services once a while and wonder how could they possibly possess a working speed which is highly compatible and comparable to certain natural creatures that possess the same moving speed.? How on earth do these so called civilized Homo sapiens living in a competitive materialistic world can actually match up to the speed of a normal tortoise that takes hours to finish walking up a short line.? I have to declare the fact that I admire the tortoise so much more than these slugs working idiots for these tortoises are slow because they are born like that and not equipped with two long walking limbs that has a functioning brain that these crooked idiots decides to put it in a hibernating mode majority of the time. Hell, they might not even know how to utilize a functioning brain even though they have one. Well, you can't hardly blame these bloody nincompoops since like the tortoise, they're just born like that. They're the first class platinum coated idiots citizens who are spoon fed by the government ever since they crawl out from their mom's womb just because their aborigines identity are engraved in their blood. They're practically already the protected endangered species even before they actually step foot in this world thanks to their ancestors and our highly overrated aborigines that runs the country and also not forgetting the totally useless biased royal family that's also taking an enormous part in drinking the tax payers blood and sweat. Though, we still have to thank them in return because of these fortunately, majority of the aborigines especially the civil servant idiots, stays pretty stationary in self improvement and brain evolution due to our country's brilliant system in lavishing them with extra this and that while covering their asses and shits twenty four hours a day supporting and supervising them to success all the time. Leaving us, the third class citizens and below that fights for survival here with no other choice but to work ten times harder just to prove we're better or at least almost equal to them. Just what a wonderful fucking degree of inequality fair world we live in.

And can you just please teach me how to sincerely yell at the top of my lungs that I'm so fucking proud to be a Malaysian accompanied by the never ending chanting of Boleh Boleh Boleh.? Oh yes, there's always the food that compromises the arrogant and unproductive cheering.


Ianfluenza said...

HAHAAHAHA.... well done... so, what really happened to you, triggering such fury? post office? bank? or immigration department?

Plunny said...

More like it was their unlucky day since i was extremely pissed already and their idiotic behaviours triggered me...hahaha..Its Land And Survey by the way.