Friday, May 26, 2006

My fair lady.?

I wanted badly to post an entry. Yet I don't know why there's this urge to do so when I have no idea at all what to write. I have bits and pieces in my little brain cell. Just haven't got the motivation nor inspiration to complete the puzzle.

Somehow it reflects our life. When the road you're traveling got so bumpy and difficult that you felt like your whole body are slowly shattering into pieces, hardly capable of continuing your journey, you can't help but wish you were never born. Is it so real then.? The thinking of how bad your life is, how terrible it is. The question of why does this always happens to me.? That life is so unfair.?

Is life ever fair then.? How can you ask for life to be fair.? Is life never fair.? I guess its hard to tell. Majority of people always complain about how life's so unfair that it ruined their life badly. From another point of view, its rather pathetic. Where were you when life's fair.? Too busy pursuing the fairness and vandalizing it while conveniently forgetting everything else.? More like you were too busy throwing the fairness you've obtained and when it's finished, there goes the little song again, Oh, life is so unfair.!

I personally think it's just not quite so right.

The definition of whether life is fair or not, stands differently for each person. Is my life fair then.? What can I say. I do not know. I don't even know what exactly fulfill the lifeisfair or lifeissounfair thingy. There's isn't any definite answer to it. Rather peculiar isn't it.? But hardly anything to curb it.?

I would have to say, fair or not fair, it depends on how you view it or take it yourself. Beauty lies within the eyes of the beholder.? I say, not only beauty, almost everything else is.

I once read a John Grisham, The Last Juror, somehow revealed the inner side of the panel of juries in a court case, and in this paperback, the case involved was rape and murder. Some juries sympathize the fact that he's a first time offender with no previous records, and do not deserve a death penalty despite the fact he raped the lady in front of her own kid before stabbing her to death and hence voted for the life imprisonment sentence. While, the rest of the juries has no doubt at all to send him to hell for good. As someone outside who's just reading the story, do you think he deserve life imprisonment or death penalty.? Or perhaps, something else.?

Some might think death penalty is way too harsh and life imprisonment shall serve him all right. Spending the rest of his life in the penitentiary with more than the time he needs in a cell to think back what he's done. In other words, every one deserves a chance to turn over a new leaf no matter how rotten they was once. Do you call that fair.? But perhaps, if you knew the so called life imprisonment simply meant ten years without parole.? And after that on good behaviours and a little luck, you can be release after all.? Is that fair then.? I seriously don't know.

I really haven't the slightest idea of the exact definition of life imprisonment in certain countries on how their law works. I'm just quoting from the book. Cheers. =))

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