Wednesday, May 03, 2006

North Country

This entry was written and posted earlier in another blog of mine ,My story, your movie. But I'm closing down that blog soon, so perhaps you've already read it. Will be posting the comments along too.

She was married to an abusive husband who beats the hell out of her all the time. With two kids to support, he was the sole bread winner and therefore tolerated with all those beatings. She only had one child with this bastard husband, if only you can still call him your husband that's it. No one knows who fathered her first child. She was raped at the age of either 16 or 17 by her high school teacher in a Saturday detention class. Apparently the teacher caught her making out with another kid when these two lads sneaked out of his class one unfaithful day...

Can you still call that person your teacher when he raped you.? Can you still call your friend a friend when he saw you being raped and did nothing but RAN AWAY.? (Worse, if you were seeing each other)

She left her husband and seek help from her parents. Were they any help.? Not much, but not little. With the help of a friend, she found a job in the Iron Mine. In USA, Iron Mine only started accepting female workers in the mid seventies. And this movie was set in the late eighties where the ratio of male and female workers in the mine was thirty to one. Can you imagine such scene.?

The story or shall I say the movie involves scenes where these female workers were not only bullied by their co-workers who not only obviously outnumbered them, but practically cover the whole damn mine. Is this the reason for all those woman discrimination and sexual harassments cases that happens not only everyday but all the time there.? The movie was based or you can say inspired by a true story where these incidents were made so real its sickening. Apparently be it you're a bitch, a sweetie or a I-don't-give-damn female worker there, they still get on to your knees.....

If luck is with you, you'll get a fake plastic penis in your lunch box right on top of your ham and cheese sandwich and apple. If you're not so lucky, you'll get semens on your towel in your locker or your ass being grabbed by loads of filthy old men trying desperately to get into your panties. If you're really unlucky, all hell break loose when you're in the portable toilet cubicle and like Mr. Humpty-dumpty you fall down together with the cubicle after a round of pushing by those unbelievable co-workers of yours outside. Did I mention, the cubicle is usually full with faeces that all come tumbling out after your unfaithful fall. Or perhaps a little wall decoration drama where faeces suddenly became a form of decorative wall paper in the ladies locker room.? Or being labeled as a whore in front of the whole world just because you turn down some of your men co-workers to have some fun.? (So called pathetic fun)

You're wondering why do these women want to be so mentally and physically tortured by working in such unpleasant environment.? Aren't they just seeking problems for themselves by working there.? You think these women should just stay at home and cook and do the laundry.? What makes you think they want to get extremely dirty everyday and worried about being raped the next minute or being harassed or god knows what else.? I do not know what these women think back in the eighties. But from the movie, you can tell that they all do it for the same reason. The handsome pay the iron mine is offering due to the risk of working in a dangerous plant. And all these women need these money very much. Mostly because they have their own family to support and do not want to depends their lives with MEN. Guess you can't blame why are women getting more independent as the world grows older....

Perhaps I do sound disgusting but I'm just quoting from the movie. And it is indeed a good movie (rather heavy though). Apparently the female workers has a union protecting them but it wasn't working (more like it was shadowed and push to the back when the leader got really sick) and that's when the main actress could no longer bear it and went forward in filing a law suit against all these abominable occurrence in the mine and the plant, the company. The case was to order a class in protecting female workers, their rights, their benefits, anything they ought to have, in fact what they DESERVE as they just work just as hard as others in the mine and why should they be paid less just because they're the minority.?

This movie does involve quite a number of touching scenes. You can't help yourself but pity the story within or perhaps the true story that inspired this production. It's nonetheless something more than revolving around the main actress herself, where she shows what she'd been through and what others female workers experienced in such unpleasant world. Guess no matter what you felt, no matter how close you were to these actual happenings, you wouldn't get it unless you've wore the same shoes they did. Though, its something nice to indulge in if you're ready for a nice meaningful movie. =)



Anonymous said...

Do you really think those women in 80's can choose? Did they really have the right to choose? Simply of this word, women, they have to bear more, learn more and do more. If you are the women, will you choose the job in factory with 1:30 sex ratio? Did you think when she bring the issue to police station that she been raped, will people listen to them? I been talk with prostitute, where they from Philipines, Indonesia and Thailand. They even be my friends. One of them, a mother to two daughter, and the husband left the house since their daughter still young. Her daughter currently studying in Indonesia University, and the worst thing is, the granted loan from uni only fee! How are you going to survive? The mom, say that the factory will only hire those people with cert, at least a formal education. Her mom dont even know how to write ABC till Z. So, she sascrify herself, come to Sabah, become prostitute! Well, you sure ask why dont she take a job as plate washer in any single of the shop, cause the status is better. The worst thing is, when she first come here, she dont even afford a passport! Those shop will never hire you, even toilet cleaner! Since when first come here without money, she then lend money from the people who send her here. In order to pay the dept, and to support her daughter, she have no choice, to become prostitute! If you are a gal outside there, will you serve every different everyday? Even 5 man a day? Do you think this women cant think? Even a stupid can tell you the decision is bad, but, what choice they have? Now what she think is only settle the dept as fast as possible, earn the max in a short time and go back to Indonesia. She been live in hell in Sabah for months already. No one even know she have the most pain everyday at her private part and breast. She even show me how those clients treat her. Like a Dead MEAT!! These thing dont have to go back to 80's to understand, but you can simply talk to them, in this present though. When she told me every bad times she have, the tears, which flow from the deep black pearl eye show the pain. She like to vulnarable to the world's natural event. You are treated bad when you need people the most, and you will treated good when you dont need most of the people. They have no choice...Really no choice? Just gonna tell you that they are not stupid, they are human, have a well gifted feeling, emotion and faith. What happen? I respect them as they sascrify for something big, but not respect to the thing they do, is it so?

1:44 AM

Plunny said...

Hey...thats hell of a rage there i can hear...i was just expressing my thoughts about the movie i've watched...I'm no movie critic nor social worker nor reporter.....i'm just a free blogger....As i wrote earlier, i WAS indeed supporting her...i wasnt accusing her stupid or disrespectful of what she did..?? I don't give a damn about it.....I was just in cline with the idea the fact that they have to work their asses off to support their family just like the woman you're talking about..?? And the fact that their blood and sweat are not only very unappreciated....they're being labeled as a whore, idiot or perhaps an enormous disgrace to the family.....i actually PITY them very much....and thats why i wrote an entry about it and perhaps tell people who's even bother to chill okay..?? =) one more thing...none of us are in the state where we can judge THEM whether they're respectful or better be lighter in your words that you respect their huge sacrifice but NOT what they did....even though its something unpleasant...we're on no accounts to judge no matter what they do..okay..?? After all, they chose the road, and i'm perfectly sure they're aware of the consequences of the road they THEMSELVES chose for their own and we as pedestrian of their life, can only wish them well unless you can offer a her a better alternative....SO pal, chill...and thanks for the bombarding comment...haha..=)

2:12 PM

Steph said...

HAHAHAHAHA.sorry had to catch my breath. if i see prostitutes or beggars or whatever,first thing that comes to mind is how they never studied hard when they were younger. am i biased? i guess i am. but like kelly said,that's her opinion.don't slam ppl for what they say. u dont like what you're reading? get out. you're not welcome. i believe fate is in one's hand. you can change it if you want to.

5:19 PM

Anonymous said...

Haiya, i am just commenting. I didnt slam people, neither he, neither she or anyone else la. Just give my thinking on it. Anyway, good start lo, coz get arguement here though. It is nice and open thinking. Though the comment is public view, to raise the opinion of other. Lol.

6:54 PM

Ianfluenza said...

This is a very good example of different paradigms from different individuals focusing on one particular issue/situation/idea. Thing is, it is very tempting indeed to fall prey to concluding that others' comment to be personal and offensive just by reading their words, and not the body languages.

Kelly, what you have suggested in this post is sufficient enough to prove your neutral stance (at least in my opinion :)), and you have no reason to worry about others attacking you for what you wrote. Anon 1:44am was merely ranting his/her bitterness and helplessness regarding the anecdote presented. In fact, try visualising him/her saying the same thing in front of you like a person expressing one's problems, although as if it is directed to you. It's not lah.

Let's leave the benefit of the doubt to the people who are unable to express their feelings through the accurate usage of words. It is a challenge everyone who writes faces - to convey the intended message and idea. Their malicious intentions to spite you will prevail if those nasty implications keep emerging.

Anyway, I am impressed with your analysis of the movie. Sadly enough I have not watch it myself. Will do if I have the chance. Till then, keep more movie reviews coming!