Sunday, May 21, 2006

Short one.

The ugliness of certain facts or everyday things that we come across is somehow inevitable for us to accept or not. It's not something that we can tolerate nor negotiate but just take a step backwards and accept the unfortunate fate that bestowed. Sadly, it's not something that's within our reach for us to control nor to alter. Whether you like it or not, you still have to accept the damn bloody fact that's already there. It's not like you can push it away and say NO. You'll be lucky enough to have time to be introduce to certain unpleasant or uninvited fate that unfortunately decided to rain on our own silly heads. It's not an option for us to choose which to accept and which not to. There's no other alternative available for us at all. But to take all in. Willingly or not. Happily or not. That's life. Even though there are certain facts or happenings that are not necessary to accept, it's unavoidable. You just have to. Time can never turn back and everyone knew that. But then, we still ponder at it all the time don't we.? Dreaming and wishing hopefully and blindly that some wave of a magic wand might miraculously turn the clock backwards, but deep down we always knew, it won't. It would never will. After all, it's not called dreaming for no reason. What that's happened already can never be reversed back and be wiped off like the writings in a blackboard. It just can't.

Sometimes, I wonder is it the same as the necessity of living.? Really, its not necessary being born or alive, but its also not something you can decide for your own. Of course, we can always quit our life whenever we wish to, but we can never decide or choose to be born or conceived or not, can't we.? Not that I'm complaining about my own existence, its just something I came across suddenly. Nevertheless, a new born and new life is always so beautiful to be witnessed upon and is quite a miracle itself. But then, is life a necessity.? I don't think so. It's just a nice tiny piece of our dear old mother nature.

Just a piece of my two cents worth. =)

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