Monday, May 22, 2006

Shorter than a Short One. =P

When I suffered from blogger's block, I complained. Cursed. Sworn. There are times of getting stuck half way through a previously thought to be inspired piece of entry OR dear old blogspot suddenly decided to went berserk and your long and patiently typed entry just disappeared into thin air followed by swearing some magic incantations hoping to bring it back. But oddly, there are also time when you typed a ten foot long entry that you wanted to write about so much and you go on typing and typing but erase right away the moment you finish it. This is something that happens to me a lot. I would just wiped off an entire entry I was cracking my head off to write it down earlier and the second I read it after I'm done, I'll kiss it goodbye. Why.? I seriously don't know. Do you.?


Ianfluenza said...

Well, it could be a rant you wanted to vent out badly, but was not sure if you want to share it with others, for it could be surprisingly personal, or surprisingly disagreeable to your principles only after you wrote it.

There is nothing wrong with writing what you want to write, but whether you choose to share and publish it will bring a different effect.

Plunny said...

Yeah....Most of the time when you read it over, the feeling just isn't right to post such SO and SO entries...And the effect after publishing really doesn't affect me that much. Not that I'm being irresponsible of my writings, just that I write and post what I want to and I'm perfectly aware of the before and after thingy. I might not be a smart blogger, but i'm also not an idiot blogger that post idiotic entries that bring ugly effects. =P Plus, life is just too short to always think of what other's think about you. As long as I can live with it, why give a damn.? =)