Wednesday, May 31, 2006


My head is swarming with migraine as I type this. But there's too many bloody things running around in my aching brain cells crying to be release out and will disappear into thin air as soon as the door open. My body is red and hot from sun burn though I would prefer to refer myself as a fresh sun-baked miss Kelly just like the pathetic RM1.60 hot bun from oven that has people lining up for it for the sake of it.

I had a long weekend being a free private "tour guide" to some relatives. Not going to elaborate much beside the fact that these few days I've been a shopping companion that's piling up a few extra pounds that's happily claiming its residence from eating non stop with them and to update, bicycle ride under the unbelievably blazing hot 1 p.m. sun and an unqualified swimming instructor in a 1.2 meter pool in a 6 star rated resort where it takes a bloody 10 minutes to walk from the pool to the fucking resort room. It wouldn't be that bad if I wasn't alone walking back to the blardy room in my bathing suit wrapped in a towel while dripping water all the way with a bad eye sight that can hardly see a damn thing without my contacts or glasses.

Yes, I'm swearing again. In fact, I swear damn lot today. Just that I'm the only one who can hear myself muttering quietly and not look like a self talking maniac. It wouldn't look very nice swearing in front of a innocent 11 year old who never stop asking questions and a 13 year old who's trying damn hard to be cool by tagging along dear old K'ly jie jie. And I'm being a typical nice big old sister pampering these kids. Yes, I treat my little cousins really nice even though they drive me up the wall filling my ears constantly with complaints of Very Boring and Very Hot and Yada Yada what ever they can creatively come out with twenty four hours a day. Just enough amount to make me tease them that even old folks home wouldn't accept non stop nagging kids like them. And surprisingly, that shut them up. How sweet. For a couple of minutes, that's it. -.-

Call us lucky or unlucky, the fucking room had electricity problem earlier as this rarely happen at a damn international travel destination swarming with foreign tourists that smiles to you where ever there see you. Unlike those local freaks spending a nice promotion price harvest get-away here who not only didn't show their supposedly pearly white teeth but had a black sulky frowning mask on as if the damn pool is their private property and we're intruders trespassing their pool.

I should be hippy after having some hilarious time and instead writing a rather feisty post but I'm fucking sleepy, my body is hot and the itching is slowly emerging underneath this already tanned skin that's now reddish. Yes, those bloody protective layer of mine are starting to peel or nicely said, moulting process revealing a new softer and fairer skin beneath it.? How nice would that be.? How "thick" would I be.?

I've fall asleep studying.
I've fall asleep reading.
I've fall asleep writing.
I've fall asleep watching TV.
I've fall asleep in the car.
I'm gonna fall asleep typing soon.


Ianfluenza said...

Hehehe... Inspiration strikes not only to one person at a time. Coincidentally, I wrote something about my cousins as well. :)

Pyin said...

guess wat!!

-u mention 5 times "damn" ..
-3 times "f*cking"..
-3 times "bloody"!!!

tat must be a record for u~~..>_< damn~ u are PISSED.. hahaha.. do take pic oh.. see how 'bad' is ur tan.. hahaha... but sumtimes can tan til nice de oh.. like a wern's... she got thinner!!!!! >_<