Monday, May 01, 2006

What's wrong

Mary was teaching in a remote area where her class only consist of 5 students. Everyday, as a teaching routine, she would asked the students to answer some simple mathematics question in the black board in which they've done earlier as their homework. The odd thing was, none of the students are willing to complete the task. Has she done something wrong then.? Even though there were only 5 students, it can't be possibly that not even one of them know the answer.? When she asked her students what's wrong, she was very surprised with the explanation that followed.

It happens to be that these young children has a deep understanding about each separate individual's capabilities and also respecting them. Amazingly, in such not very civilized area, these young souls understood the senselessness of the win-lose approach in merely their small class room. They knew that there's no victory nor does it mean anything if any one of them are being embarrassed or highlighted in the chalkboard. That's why they refused to compete among each other in public. Perhaps you think it sound rather ridiculous as its only an everyday thing that happens in a so called classroom of 5, but then, it conveys the message where these children are willing to learn, just not at someone else's expense. Even though it revolves around a small circle of young kids, its still the place and time where their personalities are being shape up for the upcoming future.

Would you rather be humiliated in front of your class or being educated directly from your teacher.? Even though the idea of it doesn't sound very respectful, guess its the way that work? The idea of being the joke in front of everyone is rather ugly, it either gives you a mighty boost to work harder and prove yourself worthy, or simply just makes you sink lower than you already are. But then , if you were prepared, it wouldn't be quite a scene right.? Or the arrogant you might think, why bother proving.? Me myself knowing is sufficient enough and let the results speaks for itself later.


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