Saturday, May 06, 2006

Win, Lose or Draw

Remember the scene in The Fast and Furious, right after the street race, Paul Walker was laughing his head off even though he lost to Vin Diesel.? With his I don't know what accent, he said

"I almost got you"....(Smirk Smirk)

Vin Diesel looked at him, puzzled. With stack of cash in his hands pointing toward Paul Walker, he said...

"You almost got me.?" (Laughs) "Winning is winning..." ( Loud cheers from crowd)

So is winning really winning.? I guess it could be. Take a tennis match for an example. Two highly ranked players competing for a Grand Slam title. Protecting their serving point everytime. Its a common scene when players like Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal fighting damn hard for every serving point. These sort of matches takes ages to finish because they deuced again and again. Its like you lost a tiny point, the opponent score a point. And you could just missed your break point or set point or match point or even championship point. Worse if you really LOST the whole match you've been struggling for the past few hours just because of one teenie weenie unforced error or perhaps a GORGEOUS winner by the opponent. But then, there's nothing or who to be blamed. Competition is always like that. It's the actual truth that no matter what, you still have to accept. Perhaps if you were the winner, you wouldn't feel the effect that much even though you just won by the difference of a micromini centimeter where your ball strikes "On the line". The point is, you did WIN after all. And winning closely simply signifies the fact that what a fantastic match you've had.

What if you lost? Would you be raging beneath because you were almost equal with the opponent but you still lost.? Guess ALMOST is just not good enough to secure a winning putt. Because whether you like it or not, the fact remains that you DID lost. Or perhaps you could just accept the fact generously that,

"Oh well I lost. At least it wasn't such a tremendous defend and I can just improve and win play better next time"

I guess you can always say that. But what if there is no next time.?

Will you be stamping your feet to the ground angrily just like other three year old for not getting the ice cream they were asking begging for.? The old saying of appreciating what you have now and always strive for the best, is of course always ringing in your ears everytime when you're battling terribly. But then, how many times did it applies? That you actually APPLIED it?

So, does winning or losing really counts that much.? Perhaps in a match it is, but when it comes to certain battles, I personally don't think there's any definite answer to it. In fact, sometimes I think the win-lose thingy is much too highly overrated and looked upon by the pathetic audience that its no longer significant. There's the bunch that's called the "kiasu" lads that's the so called perfectionist and the "I can't lose or I'll die" thingy that sometimes you can't help it but feel that to them, winning is a life necessity. The way it's emphasized somehow makes you think that if they lost in gaining a project or name for something, they'll fly jump down from the next 20 stories building they can find. Of course, setting a goal and achieving it is indeed a very positive and encouraging character. But the way I see it, it's totally biased that it's no longer a surviving tactic in this materialistic world. But rather deviated that it's either you win or you'll die. Just like in the "Battle Royale". Where winning doesn't secure the victory meaning anymore but survival and that doesn't makes you feel better even if you did won. It just plain old everyday thing. Seems like life's not only fragile now, but so much less valued that it's taken as a token of gambling matter. Perhaps you can say its a better boost so you can always be at the top and tried your best and never regret if or in case you didn't succeed. But then, at this point, what exactly is winning.? Its such a sad thing when you don't feel victorious at all right after winning a life threatening battle, but just felt slightly relieved for one more day as there's more to come the very next day, moment.

Hmmm, intended to write about tennis and badminton matches earlier and end up with this. Guess the recent loss of Malaysia to Denmark in the Thomas Cup semifinal really didn't inspired that much in writing about it. Cheers.

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