Monday, June 05, 2006


I've just erased an entire entry which is rather melancholic and what Ping Yin calls deep. I realize, these writings not only make me grow up, sometimes they would bring me back to the sulky and gloomy feeling. Yes, my entries reminds me of my unpredictable and unexplainable mood swings. Or perhaps, it simply reflects what I'm feeling.? I don't feel sad. I just feel, not happy. Rather spiritless.? Or what people called, blue.?

No, I don't even know what I feel right now. I wonder if I'm obsessed to melancholy.?


Pyin said...

hey!! dun blame it on me!!! >_< it's UR entry....

feeling blue eh.. well it's not normal for us to be happy ALL d time.. n vice versa of cuz..

i think u're feeling.. unsatisfied instead of blue.. eh?? dun worry u'd get back on ur feet again... *wink wink*

GAMBATEH!!!! weeeeeeeeee
say say say u luv me~ >_<

Pyin said...

i can't post in the chatterbox.. dunno y.. or maybe oledi upload but not showing in my screen??? *thinks*... o well... jus in case.. this is wat i wrote.. hahahha

yea.. tat sux!! *slams of wall* hehe ... but thn if wan go out 2 d confusing/horrible/cruel/weird/wu liao/dangerous world.. gotta prepare for it my dear... GAMBATEH!!!! >_<

Pyin said...

on* haha MINOR mistake.. haha

Plunny said...

Yes dear i love u so damn much...Oh what would i do without u..??

HAHAHA...!! That sounds so "unblue"..haha..=P