Friday, June 23, 2006

The Dream (Part 2)

The grasp was strong, it almost hurt.

I was rolled to the side. Then,

There was light.!


Shhhhhhhhh......They're looking for you.! Stay still.!

Another hand covered my mouth. It smells of sweat.

My pupils dilated. I looked at him.

I could feel his heavy breathing, but I couldn't see his face.

Not even when we're so close.

But how did I know it's a he.?

Something swept past. Something, or someone.?

What is it.?

The faint yet cold breeze cruising over my bare naked legs.

The unwelcome feeling is back. Goosebumps.?

What.? No, frozen, immotile temporarily.

My eyes rolled and rolled.

To left, to right. Rigid body.

I saw it.! The black shadow emerged.

Behind the hooded cloak, a face that's not a face.

A face that's not there.

It's frightening, I dare not look.

But I have to. He turned.

Oh no.! He sensed me.!

Smelled me.

I close my eyes. Hard.

Listening to the surrounding with my heart.

A gentle hymn sung by the night rainbow.

The rhythm, that sounds like a lullaby

A heartbeat, rocking me into safety.

I open my eyes slowly, and looked at him.

My savior.!

Not the hooded faceless hunter. He left.!

A tremendous relief.!

His cold icey-blue eyes, piercing into mine.

Eyes, the door to your soul.

Only, he has no soul.

Just another flying immortal.


The one being hunted, the mortal.


To be continue......

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