Friday, June 16, 2006

The Dream

My feets were numb. I couldn't move a muscle.

What is this place.? Where am I.?

Why is it so dark.? Where's the light.?

What is that.? What's the silhouette.?

Who is it.?

What's that sound.?

Shhhhhhhhhhh......Don't move.!

Who said that.? Where's everyone.?

Shhhhhhhhhhh.....Its THEM.!

I gasped.! My sweaty palms cover my shivering mouth.

How long can I hold my breath.? How long before my fear betray me.?

The black shadow move swiftly on the roof, floating by.

Like a ghost. Except, I do not know what does a ghost look like.

I felt a drop of sweat, trickling down my face.

I panicked.! I tried to stand.


Everything froze. Silence fills the air.

THEY stop. They heard me.!

I ran. I ran and ran and ran.

I never stop. I dare not look back.

I tripped.! The rock gave me away.


An enormous shadow topped over me.

Oh no!!!!

My little soul cried.

I close my eyes, and prayed.

To be continue........

1 comment:

Pyin said...

oooo!!! so tension gek!?!?! really dream ah???? @_@.

btw sorry bout last nite.. i last nite after dinner oledi sleep..

no1 wake me up.... so by the time i wake up which is like around 11 sumting my sister ask me to go up and sleep liao.. since that time i still sleepy i oso just go up and sleep. left my hp downstairs summore! hahaha.. sorry ah!!!!