Saturday, June 17, 2006

Football, not soccer. I'm no American.!!

Well well, I know guys who can't live without football. With their favourite team tattooed in their arms or ass. Who would actually grieved and mourned when Arsenal lost the most important match of the season while unfailingly making your girlfriend thought she did something awfully wrong since all you're doing is frowning, sulking and keeping quiet. Most of all, ignoring her. Or, FIFA world cup seems to compress every other thing to the size of ant or seems to monopolize your brain and your sighting capability. With the single and most commonly used reason of course. What.? You expect me to missed a once in a four year event just because its [insert whatever important events here, etc exams, deadline].? Everything is just simply BOLA.!

And there are those, who doesn't give a damn about football. They do not understand what's the fuss about almost 2 dozen of people racing over a stupid ball towards the goal. Not to mention the millions or perhaps billions of people cheering world wide and of course the gambling. Ooopps. I mean, investment.

They find it rather ridiculous and considered football extremely highly over rated and deviated from its real significant. Considering how much one football star-player actually made a year or the enormous brands sponsors that spice up the price that's at least a few times more worth of the original price, say a pair of shoes. Make that sport shoes.

And of course, made other normal football-loving-mania MEN wondering do they really have actual balls just because they don't enjoy the same passion of kicking a ball across the field or get an orgasm when someone scored.? Of course, they're in the same line with most girls. The I-don't-know-anything-about-football or football-sucks clubs.

Hey, don't hate me football fans aka MEN , I'm just quoting. HA!

And of course, girls naturally love them more for that little matter. But some say guys who only have a slight interest in sports are kinda gay. I mean less masculine perhaps.? Okay, nicely said, studious or less sporty guy.

Actually, to think of it, its pretty much the same thing. Guys doesn't understand the point of shopping for shoes or manicure, pedicure, this and that. And don't start pointing that finger to the over flooding wardrobe or excess amount of unpaid credit card bills when you're all over beers and footballs and three basket full of unwash stinking laundry just because world cup is on. Not to mention you're practically surviving on one piece of underwear for a couple of days. YUCK!!

Okay, so I exaggerated. =P

Well at least not all girls are anti footballs. They are girls who play football, love football and of course, watch. They are indeed girls, who watched really because they like it or enjoy the ball chasing game, not for the sake of pleasing their boyfriends or watching some super hot mouth-watering football stars like the Calvin Klein underwear model, Freddie Ljungberg. *DROOL*. Hahaha. Come on, Beckham is like SOOOOO off season.? I mean, he's like has 3 kids.?


I mean, its pathetic. Blokes can say the latest mega carnival sale is highly over rated and completely just another lame reason to empty your wallet. And why can't females announced that football is too.? It's the same thing. Blame it in our genes. The extra X chromosome in our DNA compared to the big Y in guys are indeed an enormous difference between these two sexual opposition. And for this, we have to thank our creator. Big one.!

I'm not saying this just because I don't fancy football. In fact, I do not hate football, I just don't go crazy over it. I do watch football not because I'm drooling over someone or trying to please someone, I just watch to fill up my boredom. I know that sounds so unright or a great disrespect to the I-can't-live-without-football world. At least, I do enjoy watching some game sometimes and won't declare world war 3 and goes ballistic when my partner forgot [insert any type of anniversary] because England is playing against Sweden or what so ever.

But still, its the forces of nature. Don't blame the ladies, don't blame the gentlemen. Try the semi tolerance of letting the ladies shop all they want and preferably not a word of complaint while carrying their shopping bags and in return, the blokes get to watch all the matches with a bonus of silence.

Ladies, be grateful that FIFA only comes once a four year, minus the Euro Cup, English Premier League, Spanish and Italian leagues. Gentleman, be grateful that ladies are still ladies despite the I-don't-have-anything-to-wear syndrome when she can practically open several boutiques of her own with her massive collections. After all, you wouldn't want your personal lady friend to be wrestling with the rest of your guy friends right.?

Go figure. =))


Ianfluenza said...

Despite my apathy for the so-called most celebrated sport in the world, my passion lies in basketball and I do work out. So I hope I do not belong to the gay-straight-man category in your standards. Heehee...

Plunny said...

Hahaha..i meant guys who has only a teenie weenie bit interest in sports lor...either they're sissy or just plain boring.....hehe

Anonymous said...

*bite me?