Sunday, June 25, 2006

For Better or Worse

I'm starting to get wishes and of course advices from people around me before I depart from here and it felt a little different. After all, it's always me who's been wishing others "Take care" and "Keep In Touch" and stuff.

My mom practically say to me boldly that,
"Aren't you happy now.? You're finally getting away from home.? With no one else to control you anymore.?"
I didn't answer her. It's not necessary. As always, its a rant. Not exactly a question that require an answer. Even if it's not. It's still useless. She's dear mom. She's the one who's calling the odds and ends. And that's exactly what I told her. Hmmm....

Honestly.? Yes, I'm glad. But not to the extent that I'm thrilled whatsoever. I'm not some naive underage girls who's dying to crawl out under the protection or control of their parent's five pointy fingers.

In fact, I'm damn sure that I'll be home sick very soon. I guess, this is what you call normal feedback.

It's commonly said that, its not what back at home that makes your heart stay while your body is thousand miles away. It's who that's back there that makes your heart ache.

Absence makes the heart grows fonder.? Well, for some it could damn well be. For some, absence just speed things up. For better or worse.

I'm still feeling damn blessed. =))


Otto said...

I would like to think that mothers say such things to make themselves feel a lesser sense of lost. Perhaps even to make themselves feel a little better or less painful.

Parent child relationships are never easy and as the child grows, the dynamics between the two parties change. And soon, you will realise that you are all grown up and sometimes all you want is to run back to your parent's bed to hide under their blanket.

Good luck for your new phase in life, Plunny!

Plunny said...

Sometimes, I do feel I'm getting old and further away from my parents and can no longer be throwing kiddies tantrum to get what I want. But its good to think back sometimes...

Can't believe you're really here. Felt like a thrilled three year old being awarded ice cream.!! Hehe..Thank you so much Otto.!!

Ianfluenza said...

Hehe... That is called sensibility - Knowing the difference between what you need to do and what you want to do. Without a good sense of direction and an infallible set of principles, you can easily be torn apart in between. Stay strong ya, things only get more and more challenging - not necessarily a bad thing, just more enriching.