Monday, June 12, 2006

Good In Bed

Ever had the feeling when you're reading your latest obsession paperback and it reminds you how much it resembles your own life.? Or simple little details that relates to reality so much and almost identical to what's happening to you.? You just simply love the book more and more and couldn't put it down unless you finish it.

There are times when you were so deep into the book that your emotion or mood flows with the book's plot. Like when the story turns somber, your mood drop 18th floor and you start wearing a sulky or drowgy mask that makes people surrounding you back away one by one to avoid being your potential victim. Perhaps, you should ask why are you so easily infected by the book's agenda.?

If you're not a little down yourself, or because it didn't sound like your life at first, you wouldn't be that deeply influenced right.? Especially if you're talking big here. Extremely highly affected by the story that you find yourself talking and conversing in the way those characters does in the book. And your day dreams started to shape towards the story you've been reading with different characters, fantasies and goals all slowly transforming into something new yet familiar.

But then, the limelight is when the book pops in loads of unexpected surprises especially happy or warming ones, that somehow manage to touch your heart and without realizing, your row of pearly white teeth are showing more and more. You're reading the book and at the same time grinning like mad and your mum or sister beside you start scratching their head, are you crazy.? Hahaha.

But the most important thing is, your heart is smiling. Genuine smile, that suddenly you feel a joyous feeling running in your vein. And you feel happy. Happy for the character in your book? Sounds rather silly.? It's absurd, how can you possibly be feeling something about the character which isn't even real.? But guess what, sometimes you do. For the simplest reason of what happened in the story, you do. Just that you didn't realize it or perhaps dare not admit. I for one, do. And no I'm not trying to act sentimental. HA!

Every story has a beginning, a problem, more problems, more and more problems or you can call it climax, problem solving and then the end. There's so much you can learn from it, not to mention some new vocabulary, ways of conversation, ways of dealing, ways of overcoming problems. But then of course, you will only learn, if you allow yourself to be taught.

People read boldly most of the time, just because the story is damn interesting and entertaining that you read it just to laugh and then that's it. WHAM!! You close the book. Even though you still loudly proclaimed that you loved the book so so so so much because it's so so so so nice. So what.? You still never learn from it didn't you.? You came across something, go through it and then that's the end. You never stop once at least to think about it.

That, would be such a waste and disgrace to the book you once so-called owned. Read it once and kiss it goodbye. The paperback that you once loved so much when you read it a million years ago, has been send to a new residence, the furthest row behind your ancient book shelf that surprisingly still manage to survive till the present day. And, it carries a brand new mission from then on, collecting dust.


I was reading Good In Bed by Jennifer Weiner when some part of the story hit me really hard and I put the book down immediately and my fingers started to work really fast with my soon-to-be-retired squeaky keyboard. Within a few minutes, all these was written and I saved it in draft without reading it. I was surprised at my sudden unpredictable self again and getting those weird feelings that I'm getting odd again. But then, it occurs to me that how is it possible that suddenly I feel weird when I AM already indeed weird all the time.? HA!!

Anyway, this book of course unsurprisingly turns out to be a really enjoyable read. After all, its not entitled good for no reason. And please, do not deviate your thoughts just because of the title. Though, this is strictly a woman fiction and blokes I presume wouldn't be interested but absolutely will be attracted to it's eye catching title. It hardly has anything to do with bed business beside the fact that its really Good In Bed to be read. And Ping Yin dear, I'm highly recommending it for you. There read the first chapter here. Enjoy.


Pyin said...

wow.. something REALLY new for me.. haha

not bad lo.. got make me haf funny faces while reading it... * smile, twitch, sweat, raised eyebrows *

but still interesting story.... how did u find her/d book anyway??? =)

Plunny said...

Haha..My sis bought the book after she read In Her Shoes, her second novel which happens to be a movie too...hehehe

Pyin said...

ooo so it was your SISTER.. icic....

eh?? this is her first novel ah?? icic.. neh In Her Shoes starring cameron diaz.... and.... d girl frm ... i think muriel's wedding?? haha i forgotten the title but d last time i've seen her was in an oldddddddd movie... the soundtrack for tat movie was dancing queen.. hahaha yes... tat long ago.. hahaha

Plunny said...

Good In Bed is her first novel. The other girl in In Her Shoes is Toni Collete, the lady who starred in Japan's story or something..haha..Not bad that movie..i'm reading In Her Shoes now..hehehe

Merv Kwok said...

Oo.. Jennifer Weiner. I'm reading the book In Her Shoes and well, I'm loving it. And I'm a guy.


Will look up Good in Bed when I'm done with In Her Shoes hehe.

Plunny said...

Hehehe....It's nice what...and thumbs up for you.!!

Good In Bed is extremely hilarious yet it makes you feel mushy gushy too..hehe..